Thank you to our 2021 Annual Campaign Donors & Leaders  

This list represents gifts from individuals and foundations to our total financial resource development efforts comprised of annual, supplemental and designated gifts.

If your name is misspelled, omitted or in the wrong category, please contact us at 614.559.3211 and we will make any corrections. We have done our best to ensure that everyone is included and listed correctly based on their individual preferences.

This list in alphabetical order reflects donors who gave $1 or more in 2021.

Jeri Block and Robert Schottenstein

Diamond Family Foundation: Susie & Jon; Jillian & Gabi; Katie & Josh; Jacob

Geraldine Schottenstein Hoffman

Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Family Gift

Steven and Rhonda Schottenstein

Bruce and Joy Soll

Michael and Arlene Weiss

Les and Abigail Wexner

Yenkin/Brachman Family

Columbus Jewish Foundation

Sam and Gigi Fried

Denise Glimcher

Michael Glimcher

Frank and Linda Kass

The Lurie Family

The Wasserstrom Foundation

George Barrett

Jeff Coopersmith

Steven and Barbara Fishman

Donald and Eydie Garlikov

Herb and DeeDee Glimcher

Jason Goldberg

Huntington National Bank

Brett and Katie Kaufman

Bruce and Sherri Lazear

George z’l and Renee Levine

Lewin Family

Mike and Ginny Schlonsky

Chuck Schottenstein

Lori Schottenstein

Fannie and Morris Skilken z’l Family Foundation

Steve Allen and Jamie Keller-Allen

Sam Baker

Max and Haley Brickman

William and Jennifer Byers

Diane Chang and Patrick Wiesel

Elliot and Marjorie Davidoff

Jonathan and Lori Ann Feibel

Dan and Patricia Finkelman

Tod and Cheri Friedman

Mike and Anita Goldberg

Michael and Joy Gonsiorowski

Joan and Douglas z’l Gross Charitable Trust

Andrew and Shylee Grossman

Michael and Joyce Hallet

Gordon and Donna Hecker

Rick and Peggy Kaplan

Jonathan and Melissa Kass

Brad and Holly Kastan

Kyle and April Katz

Robert and Clemy Keidan

Hal Keller and Laurie Kaps-Keller

Brian and Stephanie Leader

Michael and Shana Levin

Ruth Longert z’l and Alan Longert z’l

Fran Luckoff z’l

Kurt and Leslie Malkoff

Steve and Terri Meldrum

Samuel M. Melton Foundation

Rick and Karen Milenthal

Joel and Julie Politi

Matt and Karen Romanoff

Michael and Patty Schiff

Scott Schiff

Gary and Terri Schottenstein

Frances Schottenstein z’l

Miriam & Stanley Schwartz, Jr. Philanthropic Fndn

SEI Investments Distributions Co

Chuck and Joyce Shenk

Aaron and Rebecca Shocket

Lee Smith

The Sugarman and Dach Family

Audrey and Brian Tuckerman

Doug and Amy Grace Ulman

Joan Wallick

Alan and Beatrice Weiler

Bob Weiler

Yetta Worly

Andrew and Rachel Abeles

Rabbi Elka Abrahamson and Rabbi Misha Zinkow

Mark and Joy Alfonso

Joshua and Jessa Barkan

Rick and Terri Barnett

Ron and Beverly Blank

Daniel and Nicki Bloch

Ilya and Jane Bodner

Seth and Jennifer Cammeyer

Vicki Canter

Daniel and Natalie Cohen

Sharon Kahn Cohodes

The Columbus Foundation

Jenna Corman Mandel and Michael Mandel

Marilyn Friedman

Roger Friedman

Eli and Margie Goldach

David and Joy Goldfarb

Corey and Lisa Goldsand

Robert and Marcia Hershfield

Steven and Sheila Hirsch

Seth and Leslie Hoffman

Benjamin and Lisa Horn

Barry and Shelly Igdaloff

Raymond and Pauline Kahn PACE Fund

David and Erica Kaplan

Marvin and Susan Katz

Daniel and Naomi Kayne

Paul and Naomi Lamb

Milton and Marcy Leeman

Howard and Stacy Levin

Rick and Dana Levine

Margo and Jamie Lewis

Michael and Renee Lord

Joel and Erin Marcovitch

Bernard Master PACE Fund

Bruce and Nancy Meyer

Larry Moses and Susan Steinman

Alan and Robin Parks

Michael and Susan Podell

Ellen Pollack

Mark Rinkov

Wesley and Ina Sue Rosenthal

Bradley and Tara Rozen

Greg and Anne Russell

Julie and Yoaz Saar

Barbara Sanderow

Brian and Toria Schottenstein

Andrew and Elizabeth Shafran

Brett and Elizabeth Sklaw

Julie Tilson Stanley and Matt Stanley

Robert Shalwitz and Paula Krasnoff

Ira Sharfin and Meghan Cook

Larry and Kathy Shkolnik

Patti Shorr

Jan and David Singer

Sanford and Nanette Solomon

Mr. Ernest z’l and Mrs. Aurelia z’l Stern PACE Fund

Joanne and Olga Strasser

Stephen z’l and Sarah Strasser

Kenneth and Nancy Supowit

Michael and Barbara Taxier

Jack Wallick z’l PACE Fund

Nancy and James Wasserstrom

Howard and Gwen Werman

Jim Winnegrad and Janice Manheim

Herb and Janice Wolman

Ms. Helen Zelkowitz z’l PACE Fund

Lee and Darla Abraham

Kevin and Dara Albert

Jody and Joel Altschule

David Anderson

Marcia Baker

Rabbi Benjy and Lauren Bar-Lev

Donald and Linda Barger

Neal Barkan

Steven Barkan

Howard and Gayle Bellin

Zahi and Ayelet Ben-David

Miriam Benstein

Adam and Jodi Bering

Rabbi Harold and Beth Berman

Andrew and Michele Bernstein

Beth Messiah Congregation

Bea Binsky

Barry Blank

Maxx Blank

Jacob Block

Ted Bloom

Caryn Bloomberg

Joseph Blum

Cory Bonda

Jim and Tracey Bowman

Stephen and Andrea Britcher

Marvin Brown

C & A Benefits Group

Herbert z’l and Celia Byer z’l PACE Gift

Sidney and Adreinne Chafetz PACE Fund

Dan and Leslie Chase

Gary and Margey Cheses

Sheldon and Jacqueline Chizever

Chris and Tamara Christian

Ken and Laura Clubok

Gabriel Coe

Bernard and Lajune Cohen

Kenneth Cohen

Jeffrey and Corinne Covel

Bev Darwin

Mike and Laura Dattner

Doug and Barbara Davis

Jacob Diamond

Jillian Diamond – Gliksberg and Gabi Gliksberg

Eric Dolen and Mary Ross-Dolen

Bob and Debbie Ecker

Steven and Elaine Edelstein

Adam and Jill Eisenberg

Geri Ellman

Honorable Rita Eppler

Avrom and Marcia Epstein

Ron and Joyce Erkis

Bette and Stanton Feerer

Babette Feibel

Troy and Pearl Feibel PACE Fund

Geoffrey and Barbie Stern

Robert Fisher and Bobbie Garber

Thomas and Shaaron Fisher

Ted and Judy Fisher

David and Julie Fishman

Jeffrey and Carol Folkerth

Jerry and June Frankel

Charles and Linda Freidenberg

Randal and Julie Friedlander

Al Friedman

Eddie and Lily Friedman

Robert and Tali Friedman

Ross Friedman and Arielle Scheier

Scott and Kerstin Friedman

Lynda and Farley Frydman

Alex and Sarah Gardner

Sherri Geldin

Martin and Dossy Gelender

Nelson and Carole Genshaft

Larry and Marilyn Gill

Andrew Glassman and Julie Block-Glassman

Mark and Janyce Glazman

Jack Gold and Jeff Griss

Jessica and Tim King

The Clara, Joseph & Dana Goldslager PACE Fund

Arnold Good and Lisa Newmark

Vic and Elaine Goodman

Herb and Francine Greff

Matthew and Abby Grossman

Preston and Stephanie Gurwin

Scott and Pam Gurwin

Mark and Harriet Hackman

Ms. Sonia Hallet PACE Fund

Steve and Carol Handler

Robert and Harriette Hansell

Steven and Karen Heiser

Steve and Diane Herman

David and Suzanne Hirsh

Eric and Anny Hoffman

Marc and Margie Hollander

Thomas and Keila Hund

Jason and Amy Judd

Lisa Kalson and Jonathan Beck

Emily and Elan Kandel

Ira and Debby Kane

Helga Kaplan

Jeff and Darcy Kaplan

William and Julie Karmia

Donald and Phyllis Katz

Linda Katz

Ronald and Renee Kauffman

Fredric and Christie Kaufman

Joel and Phyllis Kingsley

John and Inna Kinney

Stephen and Susan Kirschner

John Kirsner and Lisa Han

Steve and Gale Klayman

Howard and Sheryl Klein

Scott and Allison Kleinman

Joseph Kohane and Amy Sevrin

Mitchell and Jacqueline Kon

Brad Kripke and Abby Ross – Kripke

Lev and Lidia Kucherski

Mark and Jane Landon

Bob z’l, Betsey and Dani Lane

Howard Larky

Otto Laster

Brian and Jennifer Lee

Sanford Lefkowitz

Mike and Heidi Levey

Doug and Susan Levin

Alan Levine

Perri Levine

Jeffrey and Aliza Levy

Martin and Randi Lewis

Alexander and Gelena Libin

Marlowe Lichtenfeld

Richard Lieberman PACE Fund

Mr. Martin and Mrs. Miriam Linsey z’l PACE Fund

Harlan and Kelley Louis

Joel Luck

Elliott Luckoff

Rose Luttinger

Jennifer Macre

David Mandelbaum

Rose and Ben Mandelkorn PACE Fund

Rabbi Richard Marger

Dan and Jackie Marowitz

Rabbi Or Mars and Rabbi Sharon Mars

Mark and Soneta Masser

Allison Mautz

Ronald and Sue Mayer

Rick and Sarah Meizlish

Jerry and Joyce Mendell

Jeff and Alison Merzel

Jeff and Debbie Meyer

Tearle and Nancy Meyer

David and Bonnie Milenthal

Jeff and Valerie Milgrom

David and Marlene Miller

Mark and Terry Mitzman

Rabbi Jay Moses and Cantor Bat-Ami Moses

Frank and Susan Mott

Greg and Alicia Munster

Stephen and Lynda Nacht/Paul and Lauren Rackoff/Kirk and Vicki Hilbrands

Sam and Lori Nahem

David and Jean Neubauer

Bob and Linda Newman

Ms. Helen Nutis z’l PACE Fund

Elsie Oppenheimer Krause

Allan Oster and Izzy Naveh

Marvin and Sharon Paine

Mel and Pearl Perel

Jonathan Pindrik

Hannah Pirwitz

Raphael Pollock

Bob and Marsha Polster

David and Miriam Portman

Fred and Toby Portman

Patti and Sid Price

William and Erin Rabinowitz

Allen Reis

Adam and Shara Reiss

Evan and Carolyn Remer

Richard Ries

Jeffrey and Ginna Rinkov

Darryl and Harriette Robbins

Jo Robbins

Steve and Sandy Robeano

Harlan Robins and Shawn Shear

Linda Robins

Rocky and Mary Robins

Gary and Ellen Rogers

Mrs. Mildred Rosenberger PACE Fund

Mark and Martha Rosenson

Marty and Debby Rosenthal

Steve and Maria Rosenthal

Shaun and Katie Rotenberg

Mrs. Beatrice Roth z’l PACE Fund

David Rothstein

Michael and Susan Rothstein

Laurence Ruben and Family/Marcy Ruben Margolis and Family/Florine C. Ruben/Harlan Ruben and Family

William and Barbara Rudner

John and Laura Ryzenman

Edward and Lori Sachs

Joshua and Aimee Sanders

Elizabeth and Michael Schaeffer

Jonathan and Marcy Schaffir

Jeff and Jody Scheiman

Mr. Herbert & Mrs. Betty Schiff z’l PACE Fund

Zachary and Courtney Schiff

Victor and Susan Schmelzer

Ellen Schottenstein

Howard and Linda Schottenstein

Lenore Schottenstein

Michael and Naava Schottenstein

Henry and Candy Schwarz

Bernie and Sandra Senser

Robert and Barbara Shapiro

Jonathan and Robyn Silberstein

Donald and Helene Simon

Sharon Simon and Karl Rubin

Joseph and Ruth Sniderman

Randy and Anna Sokol

Lisa Stein and Craig Colvin

Kenny Steinman and Robin Judd

Seyman and Sadie Stern

Jeffrey Strasser

Mark and Janet Sturgeon

Roger Sugarman and Colleen Nissl

Fred and Sandy Summer

Emily Supowit and Ari Frum

Mark Talis

Mike and Hilary Talis

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Betty Talis z’l PACE Fund

Paul and Karan Tanenbaum

Spencer and Amy Tannenbaum

Lee and Elaine Tenenbaum

Jeff and Bethanne Tilson

Denny and Fahn Tishkoff

Mark and Marcy Ungar

Julie Wallick

Andrew and Julie Wasserstrom

Jim and Nancy Wasserstrom

Skip and Linda Weiler

Steve and Mary Weiler

Alan and Ireen Weinberg

Philip and Julie Weinerman

Herbert and Judith Weisberg

Adam and Laura Weiser

Shifra Tyberg and Rephael Wenger

Justin Weprin and Devorah Lipkind Weprin

Steve and Sherry Werman

Herb Weyl

Marvin Whitman z’l

Barry and Kathi Wolinetz

Jeri Wolman

Mark and Julie Yale

Jack and Judith Yalowich

Nathan and Susan Yost

Jon and Pam Young

Rabbi Howard and Linda Zack

Benjy and Mary Beth Zacks

Allan and Susan Zelman

Dan Zidel

Eric and Katrina Zidel

Gilli and Allison Zofan

Ben and Julie Zox

Bill and Jeannie Zox

Skip and Karen Yassenoff

Marc Abramson

Ahmed Abukar

Dorit Adams

Greg and Leah Adams

Jill Adams

Mitchell Adel

Barry and Debbie Adelman

Kevin Adelstein

Chase and Andrea Adkins

Brent and Dana Adler

Buddy and Ruth Adler

Jay and Cheryl Agranoff

Alex Areyh

Daniel and Lynne Allen

Jan Leibovitz Alloy

Ben and Wendy Almasanu

Arnold and Andrea Alpert

Seth and Julie Alpert

Rabbi Michael and Shira Alt

Viktor Altman

James and Ruth Altschuld

Shirley Amar

Amy Andes

Kelsey Ankerman

Rabbi Howard Apothaker and Marcie Golden

Stuart Applebaum and Susan Stan

Todd Appelbaum

David Applebaum

Jeremy and Rachel Arcus-Goldberg

Ed and Sarah Arndt

Herb Asher

Sharon Austin

Max and Allison Avner

Mira Axelrud

Vlad and Tammy Ayzenberg

Jonathan Azoff

Ted and Bronwen Babich

Irwin and Beverly Bain

Blaise Balazire

Craig and Jody Ballas

Tracey Ballas

Mr. Benjamin B Balshone PACE Fund

Austin and Alison Barger

Jonathan Barie

Jennifer Barkan

Timothy and Cynthia Barker

Robert and Dawn Barkley

Diana Barnett

Karen Basinger

Gennadiy and Anna Baskin

Isaak Baskin


Seth and Janet Becker

Charlotte Beckman

Gary and Stacy Beckman

Kenneth Beckman

Howard and Shoshana Beigelman

Gary and Elaine Beim

Vyacheslav and Sofia Belousov

Rabbi Avi and Pearl Ben Moshe

Haim and Malka Bendor

Jerry and Jackie Benis

Jack Benjamin

Jodi Benningfield

Meyer and Beverly Benzakein

Vitaly and Valia Bergelson

Shimon Berger

Karen Berk

Lawrence and Donna Berlin

Alan Berliner

Jordan and Elizabeth Berman

Micah and Rachel Berman

Allison Bernstein

Haley Bernstein

Jack and Amira Bernstein

Ryan Bernstein

David and Esther Bernzweig

Yadu Bhattarai

David and Irina Bilenko

David Binkovitz

Daryl and Beth Binsky

Rabbi Aryeh and Adina Birnhack

Sol Black

Blackbaud Giving Fund – YourCause

Brad and Susie Blair

Jordan Blanchard

Marv and Susie Blank

Larry and Carol Blazar

John Bloch

Michael Bloch

Ellery Block

Jason and Talie Block

Marsha Block

Eleanor Block z’l

Bonnie Bloom

Donald and Eleanor Bloom

Ted and Mildred Blumenfeld

Jeffrey Bobier

Stephen and Lauren Keyes

Theresa Bornstein

Fay Botnick

Carolyn Bowman

Carol Bradley

Susan Branch

Adam and Eleanor Brandt

Michael Brandt

Peggy Bratt

Rabbi Alex Braver and Alex Weisler

Naomi Brenner and Ari Berger

Jedidiah Bressman

Mike and Deborah Brickey

Toby Brief

Matthew and Amy Brill

Leonard and Janice Brillson

Janice Brodsky

David and Nancy Brody

Daniel Broidy and Samantha Forimson

Michael and Deborah Broidy

Michelle Broidy

Crystal Bronchik

Joyce Bronstein

Paula Brooks

Cheryl Brown

Barry and Lindalee Brownstein

Jim and Susan Bugenstein

Daniel and Marianne Burkhart

Allan and Katherine Burkman

Melanie and Jeff Butter

Jerry Cabakoff

Stephen Cabakoff

Stephanie Cahill

Joseph and Monica Calabrese

Douglas and Joan Calem

Sheila Camden

Andrew and Lauren Campen

David and Judy Canowitz

Jay and Robin Canowitz

Tom Canteel

Vicki Cantor

Rabbi Chaim and Chani Capland

Cardinal Health

Ronald and Jackie Carmen

Marc and Lisa Carroll

Neil and Marcia Carron

Bruce and Lois Chapman

Mimi Chenfeld

Kate and Corey Cheresnick

Dayna Chessin

Helen Chronister

Rabbi David and Shira Claman

Reuven Clein

Rachael Coe

Mark and Mindy Coffey

Bill and Randi Cohen

Charles Cohen

David M. and Elizabeth Cohen

Doug and Julie Cohen

David and Rita Cohen

Robert and Wendy Cohen

Robert and Naomi Cohen

Sandra Cohen

Sarita Cohen

Steve and Debbie Cohen

Steve and Wendy Cohen

Evan and Caroline Cohn

Bill and Sandi Cohn

Leonard and Marcia Comeras

Ronnie and Melissa Conn

Avraham and Natanielle Cooper

Gary and Judi Cooper

Stuart and Marilyn Cooper

Susan Corcoran

Stephanie Cotell and Philip Arnold

Gary Covel

Robert and Rabbi Stephanie Covitz

Cheryl Cox

Bonnie and Jeremy Cram

Lawrence and Melissa Kaufman

Lance and Kimberly Croffoot-Suede

Randall and Marian Cuenot

Daniel and Jami Cullen

Helene and Paul Cweren

Michael and Sheila Thrush

Amy Dworkin-Dahlman and Jason Dahlman

Jeffrey and Rachel Danzinger

Edwin and Adele Dauerman

Adam and Heather Davidoff

Adam Davis  and Alexandra Schimmer

Yigal and Jodi Dayan

Allard and Michelle Ann Dembe

David and Julie Dennison

John and Marah Derzon

Jerry and Lynn Dobb

Jeffrey and Celia Dollin

Mort and Fern Dolman

Mark and Monica Dornfeld

Ted and Shirlee Doron

James and Barbara Dowell

Rabbi Avrohom and Hope Drandoff

Michael and Amy Drapcho

Cheryl Dritz

Joshua and Jennifer Dritz

Steven and Bridget Dritz

Albert Drobiz

Alex and Sandi Dubin

Leo and Vera Dubrovsky

Emils Dulkin and Sofiya Sheynina

Cherrie Durant

Kalman and Wanda Dworkin

Michael and Carole Dworkin

Honorable Cynthia Ebner

Sylvia Ebner

Julie Ecker

Kenneth and Suzanne Ecker

David and Elizabeth Eckmann

Jenna Eisenberg

Lisa Eisenberg

Richard and Christine Eisenstein

Avraham and Lynn Eitam

Victor and Lori Elman

Todd Emoff

Alleen Engelman

Philip and Shelley Engler

Rabbi Joel and Janice Epstein

Mark Epstein

Saul Epstein

Ronald and Bobbi Erd

Robert and Tina Erlanger

Sallie Ervin

David and Courtney Etters

Rabbi Yaakov Feigenbaum

Bryan and Melissa Feldman

Toba Feldman

Greg and Pamela Feldman-Hill

Jonathan and Deborah Feldstein

Samuel Feldstein

James Ferguson

Rebekah and W.D. Ferriel

Robert and Sarah Ferrin

Steven and Patty Feuer

Rabbi and Eliza Finegold

Leah Finkelman

Micah Finkelman

Nyssa Finn

Ted and Lori Fireman

Mark and Denise Fisher

Marc and Joan Fishel

Goldie Fisher

Anatoliy and Marina Fishilevich

James and Tamra Fitzpatrick

Edward and Carole Fliegel

Barbara Flox

Chari and Mickey Fogel

Jeffrey and Sarah Fogel

Jill Fogel

Joan Folpe

Richard and Marcey Forman

Daniel and Dena Frank

Sylvan and Bonita Frank

Brian Fredman

Mary Fredman

Bob Fredman

Leah and Aaron Freed

Roberta Freed

Matt and Lisa Freedman

David and Karen Freel

Harvey and Evie Freeman

Bruce and Anita Freimark

Rabbi Jonathan Fried

Rabbi Yehuda and Mrs. Nechama Fried

Nurit and Aaron Freidburg

Benny Friedman

Rachel Friedman and Chris Webb

Tom and Linda Friedman

Rachel Friedman-Gold and Matt Gold

Sandra Furman

Steven and Patricia Gabbe

Marjorie Gaffin

Yevgeny Gakh

Yakov Galbmillion

Joseph and Anca Galron-Goldschlager

Gail Gandal

Aharon and Annette Ganon

Marjie Garek

Michael and Lynne Garfinkel

Sandra Garrett

Bruce Gartner

Larry and Robin Garvin

Stanley and Rhoda Gelles

Fanya Gelman

Jason and Nancy Gernstetter

Mrs. Thelma Gerson PACE Fund

Yutan Getzler and Elizabeth Conrey

Abigail Ghitman

Saloman Gicherman

Sarah Gillam

Gary Gillett

Dan Ginis

Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg

Sandor Ginsburg

Shoshana Ginsburg

Arkadiy Gips and Marina Platitsyn

Jonathan and Miriam Gisser

Gary and Sandra Gitlitz

Robert and Elizabeth Gitter

Steven and Julie Glaser

Stephanie Glass-Wapner and Andy Wapner

Herda Glatter

Rachel and Scott Gleitman

Perry and Patricia Gletzer

Bradley and Jennifer Glick

Max Glick

Sally and William Glick PACE Fund

Gabriel Glimcher

David and Patricia Gold

Jason Gold and Becky Miller

Wayne and Julie Gold

Yitzchak Gold and Ruth Haazan

David and Jaime Goldach

Donald and Alison Goldbaum

Donald and Judith Goldberg

Hollie Goldberg

Ben Golden

Richard and Tammie Golden

Ronald and Fran Golden

Earl Goldhammer

Larry and Ruthellen Goldin

Paige Golding

Bradley and Katherine Goldman

Michael Goldman

Norah and Aaron Goldman

Maynard and Miriam Goldmeier

Alex and Yulia Goldshteyn

Vadim and Irina Goldsman

Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith

Linda Goldsmith

James and Jennifer Goldson

Rabbi Avi and Miriam Goldstein

Marcia Goldstein

Wendie Goldstein Starr

Howard and Joan Goodman

Lauren Goodman

Lawrence and Diann Gordon

Terri and Scott Gordon

Bill Gordon

Izya and Innesa Gorenshtein

Martin and Jenny Gottesman

Kefee Granite

Jeff and Isabella Grayfer

Nikolay Grebelsky

Ellen Green

Barnett and Suzanne Greenbaum

Robert Greenbaum

Arthur and Molly Greenberg

Fran Greenberg

Phil Greenberg

Halle Greenhut

Udi and Ofra Greenshtein

Alex Greff

Joel and Stacey Greff

Shelley Grieve-Zerkel and Danny Zerkel

Ernie and Wendy Grindstaff

Jonathan and Jennifer Grischkan

Jessica and Casey Grisez

Jonathan and Cathy Groner

Barry and Denise Grossman

Isle Grossman

Jeff and Anita Grossman

Pirece Grossman

Stephanie Grossman

Steven and JoAnne Grossman

Stuart Grossman

Elliott and Hindy Gruber

Leslie Gubitz

Stephanie Gudorf-Schiff

Jean-Michel Guldmann and Janet Myers

David and Barbara Gurevitz

Mike and Luann Gurevitz

Rebecca Gurk

Flo Gurwin

June Gutterman

Matan and Allison Gutwaks

Ruth Guzner

Darryl and Polly Haas

Hani and Donna Hara

Mr. Al and Mrs. Sue Harmon PACE Fund

Deborah Harner

Robert Harris

Stephen Harris

Chris Hayhurst

Rich and Arlene Headlee

Lawrence and Suzanne Heiny

Nicolette Henry

Jeff Hensien

Herbert z’l and Evelyn z’l Solomon PACE Fund

Lawrence and Linda Herer

Michael Herschler

Dotan and Shari Herszage

Mark and Rachel Hillman

Barry and Mary Himmel

Michael and Debra Hirsch

Alice Hirsh

David and Connie Hirsh

Jordan Hoffman

Neal and Joyce Hoffman

Robert and Shelly Hoffman

Steve and Letitia Hoffman

Jamie and Kenneth Holcomb

Ephraim Hollander and Aaryn Rubin

Pauline Hollander

Abby and Jeremy Holmes

Carly Hooker

Marcus and Anastasia Horowitz

Wendy Horwitz

Diana Howard

Scott and Suzanne Hoxworth

Rabbi Gary and Marsha Huber

Sandra Hudston

Gilbert and Sondra Hurwood

Roni Hyam

Victoria and Roman Ilin

Jerome and Susan Iwler


Teddi Jacobson

Dan and Ky Jaffe

Leonard and Terry Janis

Richard Janusz

Ryan Jaroncyk

Timothy Jenkins

Rus Junussov

Seth Kaber

Betya Kaganovskaya

John and Harriette Kagel

Mrs. Charlotte & Mr. Ben Kahn PACE Fund

Mrs. Dorothy Blank Kahn PACE Fund

Rabbi Areyah and Esther Kaltmann

Rabbi Yakov and Irina Kamenetskiy

Arthur and Elizabeth Kamlet

Elizabeth Kamlet

Judith Kanfer

Rabbi Hillel and Rivky Kapenstein

Judy Kaplansky

Raymond and Karen Karlsberger

Edward and Jodi Karmia

Stanley and Madeline Karn

Edgar and Sofiya Karpovich

Gerald and Felice Kassoy

Alan and Peggy Katchen

Rachel Katsman

Alan Katz

Angela Katz

Howard Katz

Jason Katz

Jeffrey Katz

Phyllis and Donald Katz

Steven Katz and Constance Barsky

Ms. Myrtle Katz PACE Fund

Soreh Kaufman

James and Dana Kellerman

Bob and Cathy Kellerman

Rabbi Richard and Debra Kellner

Martin and Mamie Kelsten

Joel and Ada Kent

Lisa Kerstein

Leon and Susan Kessel

Galina Khazanov

Edward and Svetlana Khodorkovsky

Samuel Khuvis

Hayley Kianoff

Darlene Kindred

Douglas and Deborah King

Meredith and Edwin King

Jordan Finegold and Amy Klaben

Michael and Denise Klapper

Michael and Betty Klapper

Richard and Stephanie Kleban

Mark Klebanoff

Andrew Klein

James Klein

Jim and Wendy Klein

Josh and Hillari Klynn

Sofiya Kofman

Kenneth and Sue Kofsky

Dick and Denise Kohn

Jim and Sylvia Kolbe

Irwin and Dora Kopp

Dr. Harold and Mrs. Harriet Korn z’l PACE Fund

Marcy and Christopher Kotting

Phillip Kovalenko

Lori and David Kowit

Benjamin and Adina Kozberg

Jake and Sydnee Kozberg

Judy Krasnoff

Edward Krauss

Margot Kravitz

Michael Kravits and Susan Schubert

George and Carol Krempley

Goldie Krivoshey

The Kroger Co

Mikhail and Marianna Krongauz

Jerry and Karel Kroos

Kevin and Sheila Kroos

Sammi Kruger

Ruvane and Naomi Kurland

Marcia and Remi Landes

Ann and Daniel Lang

Richard Lange

Saul Laub

Roman and Larisa Lavochnik

Danny Lavon

Michele Lavon

Alan and Risa Lazaroff

Alyson Leeman

Bary and Roni Leeman

Gary Liebesman and Stacy Leeman

Myron and Joyce Leff

Raanan and Rebecca Lefkovitz

Jennifer Lefkowtiz

David and Rabbi Deborah Lefton

Harry and Patty Lehman

Norman and Alise Leist

Stan Lemeshow

Richard and Robin Lemmons

Dana and Andrew Lenobel

Alan and Marilyn Levenson

Arthur and Adele Levenstein

Victor and Dora z’l Levenstein

Mike Levi

Dan and A. Irit Levin

Leah Levin

Morgan Levin

Robin Levin

Kevin and Erika Levine

Susan Levitin

Marc and Shary Levitt

David and Julie Levy

Elliot and Sharan Levy


Sharon Levy and Jim Coe

Cathy and Michael Lewandowski

David and Vera Leybman

Steven and Barbara Lichtblau

Jason and Rachel Lichten

Gary Lichtenstein

Cheri Liggins

Meri Likhachova

Felicia Lilien

David Lincove

MerryLynne Lincove

Sean Lipkin

Ann Lippman

Jonathan Lipps and Ashley Buffomante

David and Pam Lippy

Michael and Melissa Littman

Garnetta Livisay

Nigel Lomax

Josh Lorch

John and Patricia Lowenstein

The Sam Lubin Family

Cheryl Lubow

Becky Luck

Sara and Zachary Luck

Carol Luper

David Lynn and Wendy Singer

David Madison

Fred and Adel Magaziner

Fred Maier

Noah Makowsky

Ernie and Cheryl Mandell

Benjamin Mangel

Susan Marantz and Roger Carroll

Malcolm and Beverly Marcovitch

Freda Margolies

Greg and Mary Margulies

Jerry and Selma Markowitz PACE Fund

Joan Marks

Marilyn and Alvin Mars

Laurie Marsh

Gregg and Carol Marx

Steve and Gail Master

Martin and Karen Matusoff

Stanley and Peggy Jo Maybruck

Lindsey Mayer

Monica Mayer

Joel and Connie Mayerson

Eugene and Ena Mayorov

Robert and Nada Mazurek

Sandra and Gerald McBrearty

Mark and Cindy McCarty

Doug McCollough

Tim McNish

Gary and Janet Meckler

Marcia Meckler

Alan and Cheryl Meisterman

Brent and Pam Meizlish

Marcia Meizlish

Andy and Ellen Mendel

Lawrence and Linda Mendel

Jennifer and David Merkowitz

Shay-Jahen Merritte

Andrew Meyers and Carol Shkolnik

Liz Meyers


Scott and Shelley Meyers

Yanira and Christopher Meyers

Barbara Miller

Karen Miller

Laura Miller

Michael and Helen Miller

Stephanie Miller

Steve and Alicia Miller

Herbert and Marilyn Minkin

Kathy Minkin

Jeanetta Miser

Julia Modes

Stuart and Tari Modes

Minna Mogil

William and Carol Mohr

Mary Molinaro

Tammy Mor

Rabbi Henoch and Chaya Morris

Mauro and Debra Moscardino

Libby Moser z’l

Rhonda Moskowitz and Christopher Farrar

Katherine Moss and Simon Doolittle

Myra Moss

Scott and Kimberly Movshin

Karen and Michael Mozenter

Stephanie Mutzman

Naomi Myers

Mindy Agin-Naiman and Eric Naiman

Lee and Nancy Nathans

Shelby Nathans

Fred and Sima Needham

Marc and Anne Neiwirth

Mary Nesham

Rabbi Ari and Shira Neuman

Jeff and Lisa Newman

Steven Nichol

Lisa and Jeffrey Norris

Kat Nydegger

Allen and Elaine O’Donnell

Judith Oppenheimer

Sharon Osbeck

Samuel Osipow

Brad Ostroff

Edgard and Zena Padva

Steven and Annette Paine

Davyd and Elza Paleyev

Becky Parham

Steve Pariser

Madeline Parker

David and Suzanne Parr

Irwin and Esther Pass

Bernard and Judith Pasternack

John Patton

Marc Pavlofsky

Meir and Michal Perlmuter

Grace Peters

Howard and Sue Petricoff

John and Jeannette Petten

Sara Pfaff

David and Bari Philips

David and Deborah Phillips

Kimberly Phillips

Hannah Pierce and Justin Shaw

Rachel Pierce

Steve Pinsky

Boris and Irene Pittel

Larry and Heather Pliskin

Frederick Points

Leonid and Nina Polonsky

Jeffrey and Lori Polster

Louis and Susan Pomerantz

Pamela Potts-Green

Mike and Janet Price

Prudential Fndn Matching Gifts

Richard Prystowsky

Gregory and Marina Rabkin

Stuart and Elaine Raby

Alan and Carol Radnor

Lior and Amy Rahav

Seymour Raiz

Sam Rapoport

Nancy Rapport

Hallie and Matthew Raskin

Garett Ray

Jess and Lydia Reback

Paul Rehmar

Elliot and Eileen Reiff

Evan and Sharon Reisman

Nathan Render and Tal Bendor

Marvin and Renee Resnik

Ronni Richards

June Gutterman and Arlene Richman

Rabbi Tzvi and Baila Rifkind

Jason Risser

Nathan and Valerie Robbins

Richard and Jean Robbins

Gerald and Suzanne Robins

Martin Robins

Ron and Barbara Robins

Tyler Rodgers

Sonny and Ellen Romanoff

Janice Rosansky

Richard and Sandra Rose

David and Sandy Roseman

Stewart Shapiro and Beverly Roseman-Shapiro

Chaim and Susan Rosen

Daniel and Nancy Rosen

David and Gayle Rosen

Gary Rosen

Leslie Rosen

Lisa Ebner Rosen

Mark and Leslie Rosen

Rona Rosen

Sid and Alma z’l Rosen

Elizabeth Rosenberg

Eran Rosenberg

Neil Rosenberg

David Mayer and Roberta Rosenblum

Aaron and Adele Rosenfeld

Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Dorothy Rosenfeld z’l PACE Fund

Alan and Margaret Rosenfield

Gary and Paula Rosenstein

Susan Rosenstock

Aron and Anita Ross

Marc and Lori Rossio

Allan and Dianne Roth

Jane and Robin Roth

Paul Roth and Sherrie Kass – Roth

Decio and Nancy Rozenbojm

Josh and Danielle Ruben

Zachary and Lisa Ruben

Louis and Annette Ruben z’l PACE Fund

Robert and Cindy Ruberg

Aaryn Rubin

Jared and Lauren Rubin

Kenneth and Ruth Rubin

Scott and Karina Rubin

Jeffrey and Andrea Rubinstein

Jason and Jill Russ

Paul and Alyssa Russell

Steven and Marlene Ruzicska

Mara and Michael Ryan

Jeremy and Deborah Rycus

Mitzi Saeman

Andy and Susannah Sagan

Ron and Diane Saks

Al and April Salomon

Tom Saltsman

Fred and Shelly Salutsky

Michal and Alemax Samuel

Philip and Betsy Samuels

Jenna Samuelson

Richard Sanford

Bob Sanford

Ami and Arlene Sapir

Bruce and Ellen Sass

Jonathan Savage

Nick and Sheri Scaglione

Steven and Barbara Schaeffer

Mr. Lawrence D. Schaffer z’l PACE Fund

Michael and Michael Schecter

Ira and Pamela Scheer

Evan and Jennah Scher

Helena Schlam

Howard Schlezinger

Howard and Susan Schnitz

David and Cindy Schnitzer

Anna Schottenstein

Benjamin Schonttenstein

James and Yana Schottenstein

Michael and Judy Schottenstein

Marc and Sharon Schramm

Martin Schreibman

Diana Schrimpf

Ronald and Laura Schulman

Brian and Jennifer Schuman

Rabbi Ilan Schwartz

Steven and Joy Seeskin

David and Kathryn Segal

Sue Segal

Doug and Shana Segerman

Joyce Selfman

Marty and Micki Seltzer

April Seymour

Richard Shack and Pamela Simmons

Lev Shafer

Robert and Beverly Shafran

Alyce Shapiro

Jeffrey and Catherine Shapiro

Neal Shapiro

Rick and Caryn Shapiro

Robert and Sheila Shapiro

Tatyana Shats

Alan and Sara Shatz

Glenn Shaw and Clark Schmidt

Jerrold and Kim Shaw

Tyler Sheely

Steven and Joan Shell

Marian Shemberg

Oded and Miriam Shenkar

Scott Sher

Anna Sheynina

Cantor Baruch and Minna Shifman

Eugene Shifrin

Harold and Elaine Shindel

Ronald and Laurie Shkolnik

Steven and Bobbie Shkolnik

Todd Shkolnik

Annie Shmookler

Mira Shmookler

Maysa and Vadim Larov

Semyon and Rozalia Shostak

Steve and Anne Shulman

Cantor Jeff and Tobi Siegel

Steve and Jennifer Siegel

Ken and Miriam Siegfried

Bernard and Reta Sigal

Rebecca Sigal

Daniel Silberstein

Mike Silberstein

Igor and Elizabeth Simakovsky

Larry and Cheryl Simon

Stanford Simon

Doug and Joyce Simson

Sheldon and Corinne Sinai

Max Singer

Sophie Singer

Zachary and Lisa Singer

Frances Silvakoff

Hillel and Sharon Skolnik

David and Zina Slutsky

April Smith

Daniel Smith and Claire Rothchild

Elizabeth Smith

Larry and Andrea Smith

Peggy and Keith Smith

Mitchell Snay and Elizabeth Plotnick-Snay

Michael Sniderman

Barry Sokol

Jay Sokol

Andrew and Heidi Solomon

Scott and Liz Solomon

Adam and Sandy Solove

Bea Sowald

Heather Sowald and Robert Kaplan

Debbie Spenthoff

Marissa Spiegle

Mark Stahl

Charlie Stanley

Jack Stanley

Saul Stanley

Melissa and Timothy Starr

Ruth Stavsky

Seth and Lisa Stavsky

John and Sally Stefano

Gerald Steiman

Sandi Steiman

David and Hilda Stein

Michael and Susan Stein

Stan and Eva Stein

Jules and Rochelle Steinberg

Mark and Sandra Steiner

Laurence z’l and Bette Stempel

Edward and Dora Sterling

Amy Stern and Kevin Morrin

Randall and Wendi Stern

Helen Stewart

Steven and Mina Stieglitz

Richard and Carol Stoff

Bob Stone

Sue Stone

Theodore Stone

Carole Stover

Danny Strasser and Marc Michalsky

Donald Strasser

Elliot Strasser Edwards III

Scott Strasser

Asriel and Karen Strip

Aaron and Jenny

Scott Sugarman

Zach and Dani Sugarman

Harvey and Lisa Sukienik

Ira and Nancy Sully

Andrew and Nancy Sutter

William and Judith Swanson

Alisa and YairSwissa

Rabbi Sheldon and Linda Switkin

Don and Anne Sylvan

Rita Syrkin

Steven and Linda Szames

Michael and Michele Tamarkin

Deena Tanenbaum

Hal Tanenbaum

Harry and Cynthia Taubman

Adam Taxin

Charles and Catherine Tennenbaum

Steve and Jana Testa

Rebecca and Luke Thomas

Marv and Marilyn Thomas

Rosalie Tieman

Katie Tilson

Jamie and Jonathan Ross

Evan and Christa Tobin

Patricia Todoran-Katz

Randy and Rochelle Topolosky

Ruthetta Topolosky

Michael and Merry Troper

David and Ida Trostyanetsky

Jake Tuckerman

Maddie Tuckerman

Sam Tuckerman

David and Patty Tumen

Bridgette Tupes

Kathe Turiel

Matthew and Elizabeth Twombly

Nnamdi Umeh

Olga Urtesky

Yakov and Eleonora Valdman

Beth VanSuch Katz

Debbie Verona

Ryan Vesler

Debi Vinocur

Marla Vucic

Ilana Wachs

Kenneth Wagner

George and Barbara Wainer

Steven Waitzman

Diane Warren

Jeffrey and Kristen Warren

Jeff and Cheryl Wasserstrom

Julie Wasserstrom

Leslie Wasserstrom

Wendy Wasserstrom

Gerald Waterman

Stephanie Waterman

Brad and Halli Webb

Mary Wehrle

Chuck and Ellen Weiden

Wendy Weiler and Michael Dwyer

Marvin and Rita Wein

Murray and Harriet Weinberg

Evelyn Weiner

Frances Weiner

Samuel Weiner

Benjamin and Ahuva Weinschneider

Mark and Paula Weinstein

Michael and Amy Weisbach

Laura Weisel

Michael Weisel

Ron and Myra Weisman

Scott and Tammy Weisman

Allan and Bernice Weiss

Robert Weiss

Samantha Weiss

Peter and Ruth Weissman

Stuart Weltz

Zach Weprin

Eric West

Amy Wharton

Joyce White

Martha Widlus

Lawrence and Faye Willen

Richard and Joanne Williams

Fred and Jill Winer

Gerald and Susan Winer

Stephen Winston

Ali Winter

Stephen and Jennifer Withee

Lorin Wolf

Robert and Patti Wolf

Hope Wolman

Jonathan and Susannah Wolman

Beatrice Wolper

Sharon Wood

Don and Mindy Worly

Joan Wurmbrand and Carol Fey

Barry Yaillen and John Fisher

Myrna Yashon

Hayden Young

Teme Young

William Young

Sara Zamed

Mikel Zeidenstein

Christian and Sara Zeigler

Howard and Marcie Zeldin

Stefanie Zelkind and Josh Feinberg

Tali and Benny Zelkowicz

Greta and Daniel Zidel

Boris and Anna Zilberman

Yonatan and Allison Zofan

John and Laurel Zulliger

Stu and Rochelle Zweben

Gloria Zwelling

Naomi and Paul Zwelling

Richard and Sheila Zwelling

Giving Societies

Every gift to JewishColumbus matters because every gift helps keep our community vibrant and safe.. Our giving societies are one way that we express our gratitude and appreciation towards our most generous donors.