Avi Goldstein

Rabbi Avi Goldstein

Rabbi Avi Goldstein possesses a unique lens through which he views the broader Columbus Jewish community. Since moving here from New York to accept a role with Beth Jacob Congregation in 2012, Goldstein quickly became an integral cornerstone of the Columbus religious community.

“JewishColumbus does a tremendous job in supporting so many of our agencies in the community. I’m involved in a lot of the infrastructure,” Goldstein says. “I’m on the JewishColumbus security committee, which recently supported all of the different agencies and congregations this past year in response to the rising tide of antisemitism.

“But I’m also on the board of the Columbus Torah Academy. I’m on the board of Buckeye Kosher. I’m on the board of most of the religious infrastructure in the city. So I’m involved in partnering in a lot of different ways,” Goldstein says.

Despite Goldstein’s involvement in a wide array of religious institutions, he still dedicates his time and talent to JewishColumbus. For Goldstein, JewishColumbus represents a space for the synergy between all of Columbus’ Jewish communities.

“JewishColumbus is the only organization that represents the community in totality,” Goldstein says. “It’s the chief fundraising institution for the community, so it impacts so many different facets of our community. Involvement in JewishColumbus is also an opportunity to help grow the Jewish community in Columbus and strengthen its institutions. So it’s sort of a way of helping everyone.”

JewishColumbus is the only organization where a gift to the annual campaign has the potential to positively impact nearly every component of Jewish life in Columbus.

Join community organizers like Goldstein by donating to our annual campaign. Your contribution — no matter the scale — represents your pride in Columbus’ Jewish community. When you give to JewishColumbus, every dollar makes a difference.