What is community impact?

In order to keep our community vibrant and safe, we keep our finger on the pulse of our community’s most pressing needs. Using our collective resources, we also anticipate and plan for the future.

How does JewishColumbus impact the community?

JewishColumbus partners with local agencies, schools, synagogues Israel and overseas partners to maximize our impact with available funding. Our Community Impact Committee (CIC) oversees the funding process with the goal of creating the best of all possible worlds for our greater Columbus Jewish Community.

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How is funding decided?

Allocations funded by the Annual Campaign

  • Recipients include local agencies, Overnight Jewish Camp, Ohio Jewish Communities, Synagogue programs, Columbus Community Kollel and Israel and Overseas agencies and programs
  • CORE Funding is for the BIG Six Agencies (CJDS, CTA, JCC, JFS, OSU Hillel and WHV); each agency determines where to spend these dollars

Grants funded by Columbus Jewish Foundation

    • Grants include Strategic Initiatives, Shalom Grants, Israel Environmental Programs, JCC Jewish Cultural Arts and service-area and organization directed programs
    • Strategic Initiatives are intended to fund new, innovative or expanded programs beyond what CORE funding can provide

Looking to apply for funding?

We are excited to hear about your organization’s impact and can guide you through our streamlined funding process.
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You can help Jews in Columbus and around the world.

Consider opening a Donor Advised Fund (your own philanthropic checkbook!), so you can fund the causes that matter to you. Get in touch to learn more about this and other ways to ensure our community’s vibrancy for generations to come.
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Susan Tanur

Chief Impact Officer