We are here for you.

If you need help, we are listening.

  • Sonia & Saul SCRIP Cards (food, groceries, gas, prescriptions)
  • Basic Needs, Clothing
  • Utilities, Rent, Home repairs
  • Legal assistance, Insurance assistance
  • Transportation
  • Employment assistance, Counseling
  • Hebrew Free loans, Small business loans
  • Friendly visitor check-in calls
  • Medical and nursing assistance, Home health assistance

About the fund.

JewishColumbus launched the Community Response Fund to help individuals, families and agencies severely impacted by the COVID-19 Virus.

Together, we have raised over $1,250,000 and have been responding to the needs of our community addressing these four Focus Areas:

Food Security
Enable our Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family Services, synagogues and other organizations to increase services to Jewish community members in need.

Health & Wellness
Direct funds to agencies that provide essential services to our vulnerable Jewish populations, such as home care and emotional support.  This includes taking care of the needs of our Holocaust Survivors.  We also will help provide funds for prescriptions and other medical needs when appropriate.

Housing Support
Closely monitor the steps banks, landlords and utility companies take in terms of delayed payment and we will help to address Jewish community shortfalls, if appropriate.

General Support
Help our Jewish agencies and institutions survive and support Jewish community members as appropriate.