EN190104 OSU Hillel Birthright Trip visits Partnership2Gether city, Kfar Saba

OSU Hillel Birthright Trip visits Partnership2Gether city, Kfar Saba

A delegation of 40 students from The Ohio State University Hillel traveled to Israel as part of Taglit-Birthright. The sizable cohort is the result of a three-year Columbus Jewish Foundation Jewish Education & Literacy grant to OSU Hillel, for its Birthright: Expanded and Enhanced program to increase recruitment efforts and engagement opportunities for Birthright participants. Hillel’s success prompted sustained funding from the George M. and Renee K. Levine Family Philanthropic Fund of the Columbus Jewish Foundation.

During the 10 days in Israel, eight Israeli soldiers from Kfar Saba, Columbus’ Partnership2Gether city, accompanied the participants on their journey. During their visit to Kfar Saba, the students played bonding games with young people at the Youth Center, participated in a computer workshop that taught the Americans to disassemble and assemble a computer, and watched a vocal ensemble performance. To wrap up their stay in Kfar Saba, the Taglit-Birthright participants were invited to dinner in the homes of the soldiers who accompanied them throughout their tour, giving the participants the chance to get to know Israel by interpersonal connections and not just as tourists.