EN190117 Help us consider nominees for the annual 12 Torches awards

Help Us Find Nominees for the Annual 12 Torches Awards

As our community is gearing up to celebrate Israel’s 71st birthday, we are looking for 12 local leaders who have significantly contributed to Columbus’ connection to Israel to be part of our annual 12 Torches Ceremony. On May 9, we will honor 12 individuals in the Columbus Jewish community who have strengthened the community’s connection to Israel and are role models to us all.

“This ceremony is a way for our community to honor lay leaders who work hard through leadership, service and more to promote a strong Jewish community and its relationship with Israel,” said Merav Livneh-Dill, senior community shlicha for JewishColumbus.

The Israel & Overseas department is seeking nominations of people who fit the following criterion: have lived in Columbus more than five years, are active in the Jewish community, have a strong connection to Israel and contribute to strengthening the community’s connection with the Jewish State, and are role models for others.

If you know of someone who exemplifies these qualities, please fill out the online form . Nominees can be any age, the only requirement is that they must be available and willing to participate in the ceremony. After all nominations are submitted, the committee will select 12 individuals to represent the great diversity and achievements in the Columbus Jewish community. We ask that nominations are limited to five per organization. Please make sure to have nominations submitted by February 22, 2019.

12 Torches Recipients From Past Years

2014 12 torches:

  1. Marlana Fireman and Halle Herman
  2. Ariel Cohen and Ori Benatar
  3. Tali Levi
  4. Dan Betzel
  5. Monica Calabrese
  6. Manny Luttinger
  7. Nancy and Dan Rosen
  8. Gail Rose
  9. Rick Barnett
  10. Carole Tennenbaum
  11. Mollie Lakin
  12. Marty Kopp

2015 12 torches:

  1. Jake Davis
  2. Hunter Cohn
  3. Julia Applefeld
  4. Sam Cohen
  5. Julie Saar
  6. Tim Jenkins
  7. Janice Epstein
  8. Irwin Bain
  9. Daniel Cohen
  10. Sussie Blair
  11. Gary Cheses
  12. Ari Berger

2016 12 torches:

  1. Shirly Benatar
  2. Susie Blank
  3. Eran Rosenberg
  4. Dror Karavani
  5. Jacob Portman
  6. Malka Bendor
  7. Gisela Weinstein
  8. Todd Appelbaum
  9. Andrew Smith
  10. Kenny Steinman
  11. Yael Levi
  12. Hany Baransi

2017 12 torches:

  1. Jack Chomsky
  2. Danny Kayne
  3. Annelyn Baron
  4. Shelly Dembe
  5. Bonnie Cram
  6. Arnie Good
  7. Austin Reid
  8. Shahar Razker
  9. Sivan Import
  10. Rabbi Yaacov Goldberg  and Judy Goldberg
  11. David Schottenstein
  12. Julie Cohen

2018 12 torches:

  1. Keith Faber
  2. Katie Feldstein
  3. Hilda Glazer
  4. Jordan Hoffman
  5. Bob Lane Z”L
  6. Merry Lynne Lincove
  7. Fred Luper
  8. Toby Mars and Hadar Karavani
  9. Alyssa Schottenstein
  10. Michael Schottenstein
  11. Pastor David Swaggerty
  12. Don Sylvan