EN190301 Kollel Siyum Hatorah

Siyum Hatorah organized in memory of Pittsburgh dead

The Kolell’s Siyum Hatorah, co-sponsored by JewishColumbus, is a ceremony and festive meal to mark the completion of a section of Torah study on Sunday March 24th. at 5:00 PM at the JCC of Greater Columbus.

The Siyum was the culmination of a two-month long series during which 250 members of the Columbus Jewish community, studied a book of Mishnah, a collection of the oral tradition of Jewish law, to honor the memories of those who lost their lives in the Tree of Life Massacre in Pittsburgh.

In Jewish tradition, the community completes a unit of Torah, Mishnah, or Talmud study in the days following the death of a beloved family member or friend as a benefit to their soul.

Mishnah is particularly appropriate for the mitzvah, said Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein, as the Hebrew word for “Mishnah” is an anagram for the word “Neshama,” which means soul. It was Rabbi Kapenstein’s idea to create the Torah for the Soul program as a response to the massacre.

Charlie Harary, will keynote the hot buffet meal. Harary is known for his charismatic, passionate keynote addresses on personal growth, entrepreneurship, social change and spirituality.

Harary hosts a weekly radio show, “The Book of Life” that is featured on the NSN network and is the  founder of The Living Tree Inc., a non-profit organization created to empower people to realize their full potential through innovative education, trainings, seminars and online courses.

Admission for the siyum is free.  To learn more about the siyum, contact Rabbi Kapenstein at rabbikapenstein@thekollel.org.

See Kollel’s event flyer