EN190412 Medical Mission to Israel

Medical Mission to Kfar Saba, Israel focused on the concern of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Medical professionals from Columbus recently returned from the Columbus Medical Response Group mission to Israel. The purpose of the mission, which took place from March 30 to April 4, 2019, was to strengthen the personal and professional bonds between the people in Israel and the people in Columbus. For three days the group toured and worked in their individual specialties, from gynecology, blood banking, disaster and fire safety, emergency medicine and pediatrics, and child advocacy. In addition to the intense days at the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, the delegates visited Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The Medical Mission culminated in a conference focused on the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which provided leading medical experts the opportunity to explore improvement of pediatric care for abusive head trauma in Israel. The conference was covered in the local media and is hoped to be the beginning of a long term process that will result in policy change in the early childhood system.

The team, led by Dr. Daniel Cohen, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Associate Division Chief of Emergency Medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, presented procedures active in Ohio to deal with children who suffer from abusive head trauma.

The Ohio medical team also led discussions on procedures for when children are admitted to the ER with a head trauma, the processes that Ohio put in place to provide early detection of the trauma by primary caregivers like daycare centers, and spoke about the experience of passing the Shaken Baby Syndrome legislation in Ohio. The long term goal of the Mission was to help local activists with a national legislative change in Israel for early childhood educators’ requirements in Israel.

The medical mission is part of JewishColumbus’ Partnership2Gether (P2G) program with the city of Kfar Saba.  P2G is a platform to cultivate connections between  Columbus and Israel through meaningful and ongoing ties.  Kfar Saba and Columbus’ strong link is attributed to the dedicated volunteers on the steering committees in the two cities.

To learn more about the Partnership2Gether and the Israel & Overseas programs, contact Merav Livneh Dill at merav@jewishcolumbus.org or by phone at 614.559.3206.

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