Florence Zack Melton

Florence Zacks Melton

Although I have been an active participant in all efforts to provide necessary funding and commitment to meet the needs of the Jewish people in Columbus and throughout the Jewish world, my primary and ongoing focus is and has been and will continue to be on quality Jewish Education and Literacy for all. JewishColumbus and Columbus Jewish Foundation as central conduits for fund raising and allocations have invested large sums and great efforts into programs for Jewish Education; but necessary long range plans for future generations to meet the needs of the entire Jewish community, particularly those who are outside mainstream Jewish life, have no primary focus in the general planning structure.

I am proud that the Columbus Jewish Foundation has established a Community Endowment Fund for Jewish Education and Literacy whose primary focus is to assure forever funds for the unique and unusual needs beyond Federation allocation for all people in the Jewish community for generations to come. It is my hope that my commitment together with others whose generous gifts and bequests are now in place will encourage many more to become major donors to this important endeavor to assure the future of quality Jewish life in Columbus.