Endowments & Special Purpose Funds

Donors and their families can create funds that reflect their unique charitable interests and favored programs:

  • Unrestricted Endowments provide the Foundation with financial reserves that may be used in times of emergency or for pilot programs and innovative projects.
  • Designated Endowments offer donors the opportunity to create special programs, projects, scholarships, and other resources that reflect their particular interests.
  • Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowments (“PACE” gifts) perpetuate JewishColumbus campaign gifts beyond the donor’s lifetime. Annual PACE gift income is paid in perpetuity to the Campaign in your name or that of a loved one, thereby assuring that the philanthropic tradition you now practice will continue forever.
  • Agency Endowments can be created to perpetually support your synagogue or a particular human service provider. The Foundation will transmit the earned income in accordance with your specific instructions.

Special purpose endowments can be made as outright gifts or established by means of deferred mechanisms such as a life insurance policy, life income plan, pension proceeds or bequest provision.

Founders Funds:
Special affinity with the Columbus Jewish Foundation’s goals and objectives may be demonstrated with the establishment of a Founder’s Fund.  These Funds maximize our ability to award grants.  Founder’s Fund participants donate $10,000 or more and will always be recognized as a Founder of the Columbus Jewish Foundation.  There are three additional categories of Founder’s Funds:

Gold: $50,000
Silver: $25,000
Bronze: $15,000

Leo Yassenoff Eternal Life Fund:
The Leo Yassenoff Eternal Life Fund subsidizes premium payments on life insurance policies donated for the ultimate benefit of the Columbus Jewish Foundation and its planned giving partners.