Community Grants

Community Grants

Grants from the Community Grants Fund mainly benefit the Columbus Jewish community, with priority given to core Jewish community agencies. Emphasis is placed on new service initiatives or expanded services that address unmet community needs, complement or improve existing community services, increase agency self-sufficiency, attract new clients, or maximize service delivery. General operating support is not provided, but technology and capital funding can be considered.

We urge applicants to zero in on their most important and compelling strategic goals. We want to leverage our grants to support programs that will be impactful, help organizations fulfill their mission statement, enable them to stay ahead of the curve, and take a long-term view of who and what they are.

Community Grants can be awarded for a wide range of programs, including those addressing social service needs, leadership development, health and Jewish family needs, strategic planning and outreach. We hope to better align the applicant’s mission and strategic goals with those of the Foundation and JewishColumbus. We look to leverage Foundation and JewishColumbus funding to support programs that will bring about a significant impact in our community, move an organization closer to fulfilling its mission statement, enable providers to stay ahead of the curve with service delivery and strategic planning, and/or propel grantees to take a long-term view of who and what they are.

Certain projects may be eligible for multi-year funding, particularly if they are integral to the successful implementation of clearly defined strategic planning objectives. Continued funding is contingent upon measurable success in meeting the strategic objectives and available funds.

Mini-grants are capped at $1,000 for community organizations and $2,500 for Jewish community organizations.

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