Grant Agreement: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I receive two copies of the grant agreement?
One copy is to be signed by the individual(s) whose name(s) appears in the salutation and promptly returned to the Foundation so that the grant can be activated.

The other copy is for your file and is to be shared with the appropriate supervisory line staff, marketing department and the chief financial officer. From the Foundation’s perspective, the more staff who have a copy of the grant agreement helps to ensure that the grant stipulations are met.

What is needed in order for payment of the grant to begin?
The signed grant agreement and any supporting data requested (in writing) – this could include a requested grant distribution schedule, project or budget updates, a fiscal report, a revised budget, etc.

Can the payment schedule be modified?
The Foundation makes every effort to develop payment schedules that will support the project. For example, if the grant is for a year-long project, we will not distribute all of the funds up front. If the funding is for a one-time project, you would receive a significant portion of the funds in advance of the project. In almost all circumstances full grant payment will be distributed after the Foundation receives the grant evaluation. If you would like to request a revision, please call the Foundation Director of Grants.