Grant Eligibility

1. All organizations must be established and current under IRS Code Section 501(c)3.
2. The applicant agency must be on sound financial footing.
3. Applications from individuals will not be entertained.
4. Foundation grants are not intended to supplement or duplicate Federation and/or United Way allocations; fund general operations; and/or support fundraising-related travel missions.
5. Grants for special and unique professional development requests are only available once every five years. (If the program is offered more than once in the five year period, funding shall only be considered for staff members previously not funded within the five year period.)
6. Synagogue requests must be inclusive, community-oriented, and/or collaborative projects.
7. Proposals for capital (building-related, but not operational) or technology funding can be submitted. No applicant shall receive capital funding per site more than once every ten years (beginning with the time of the last capital grant for that site), unless there has been a catastrophic event. Because of limited available funds, synagogue capital campaign requests cannot be entertained.