Staff Credo

  • It is our responsibility to present the Foundation in the best possible light and to promote the goodwill of Foundation donors.
  • It is our responsibility to be user-friendly.
  • It is our responsibility to help assure that the donor dollars are put to the best possible use. Each grant should ensure that our donors feel good about their choice to support the Foundation and its grants program.

Committee Credo

Your time and ours is valuable. As Foundation donors and volunteers, we are stewards of the community’s endowment coffers. We believe in community-building and serve as goodwill ambassadors to past, current and future donors. We understand that the integrity of the Foundation grants program is based on a thorough understanding of the community’s long-term service needs and will do our part to meet those needs while maintaining the expressed wishes of our donors and the mission of the Foundation.

Notes from the Committees…

  • Each grant committee must judge the clarity of program objectives and the appropriateness of the evaluation plans. The expected outcomes should address those that are measurable within the project’s duration and the evaluation plan should address how they will be measured.
  • Each grant committee seeks to know whether the program will be continued and how it will be funded after Foundation seed money is exhausted.
  • All grant committees seek to promote cooperation with other organizations and to integrate, rather than duplicate, existing resources.
  • Requests submitted jointly or in cooperation with other organizations are encouraged. All applications, including those that are jointly sponsored, must be approved by each governing board and signed by each executive director and president (or other designated officer). In instances where a department of a larger organization submits the application, the larger organization’s governing board must approve and the executive director and president (or designated officer) must sign the application.
  • Proposals must incorporate a method of evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the proposed program. Organizations should designate a project director and an oversight committee to monitor the objectives and goals of the program.
  • Grant proposals must be submitted in accordance with the annual grants schedule. The Foundation is not bound to approve an application nor does it assume any obligation to an applicant because of Foundation meeting schedule changes.
  • The Grants Oversight Committee shall be consulted when an application is received that could be considered by multiple committees and a determination shall be made by the leadership, along with Foundation staff, as to how the request shall be handled.
  • After final Board action, applicants shall be notified promptly of the decision regarding their application.