Overseas Needs

Overseas Needs

Grants from the Columbus Jewish Foundation’s Overseas Needs Endowment are principally made to provide assistance for the special needs of overseas Jewish communities in dire straits, including but not limited to Israel. Working in partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Joint Distribution Committee and World ORT, emphasis is on Jewish communities that exhibit any of these characteristics:

  • where there are Jews living in poverty;
  • where there has been reduced support (JDC, JAFI, etc.) for the benefit of the community;
  • in countries with political unrest;
  • where anti-Semitism is present or on the rise;
  • where safety and security are compromised;
  • in a hostile environment; or
  • where Jewish community members cannot leave if they so desire.

Consideration also is given to grassroots initiatives that strengthen local connections with Israeli overseas organizations and programs. Grants are geared to help tip the scales of local fundraising functions for Jewish Israeli organizations that:

  • Reflect a contemporary need or pressing issue facing Israel;
  • Have a demonstrated level of local interest and support;
  • Engage a significant number of local volunteers; and
  • Shy away from political, partisan or intra-denominational purposes.

Funding is by invitation only.