The response of the Jewish community to the murder of George Floyd

An open letter to our fellow Columbus citizens:

The past week has been gut-wrenching and more painful than we can put into words.

The tragic murder of George Floyd emphasizes the injustice and hurt, which our brothers and sisters in the African American community have felt for generations. As one Columbus community – committed to equality and justice for all – we stand with our African American brothers and sisters.

We, the Jewish community, will continue to speak out against violent acts of racism and hatred. We also encourage our Jewish community to differentiate between the officer responsible for the murder of George Floyd and the law-abiding officers, who at great personal risk, protect our Jewish schools, institutions and congregations against hate and threats every day.

Now is the time for the community to reengage in tough conversations about how we can end systemic racism, hatred, anti-Semitism and bigotry, so we can all rise together for the greater good of future generations.

We welcome any opportunity to join anyone ready and willing to help bring change to our community in order to heal a fracture desperately in need of repair.

We are ready to listen and we are ready to act.

Let’s make Columbus a better place for everyone, together.

Joel Marcovitch, CEO, JewishColumbus
Justin Shaw, Director, Jewish Community Relations, JewishColumbus