What exactly is Community Impact? Community impact is an opportunity for JewishColumbus to cohesively and seamlessly combine its financial resource development assets and knowledge of the community to better partner with and support community agencies. It will bring together the annual campaign, endowment funds resources and the extensive and expansive JewishColumbus development and marketing skills and community knowledge. Community impact will create the best of all possible worlds for our greater Columbus Jewish Community. The Community Impact philosophy and approach will be a better fit to meet our partner agencies’ funding needs and strategic initiatives.

We know that meeting all existing community funding needs, increased security expenses, ensuring that Victims of Nazi Persecution live their remaining days in dignity, and strategic initiatives cannot be met overnight. Every effort will be made to meet funding needs through the annual campaign, restricted endowment funds for new strategic initiatives and presentations to Donor Advised Fund Holders. So while we likely will not be able to meet every funding request, our job is to do the best we can.

While much of the funding processes remain the same, there are several changes as well. Here are the highlights:

1. Community Impact Committee – funding from the Annual Campaign and restricted endowment funds will flow through here. This will enable us to cohesively and seamlessly combine our financial resource development assets and knowledge of the community to better partner with and support community agencies.

2. Liaison Cabinet – designated liaisons to meet with partner organizations at least three times a year and more as requested or needed.

3. A one-stop destination for Resource Requests for core, grant renewal and strategic initiative funding. Blackbaud Grantmaking (formerly known as IGAM) will be used for all requests.

4. Strategic Initiatives replace grant requests that are not renewal or mini-grant requests.

5. Two opportunities to submit mini-grant requests and two respective notification dates.

6. One awards notification letter (excluding mini-grants) in May – June.

1. Please call or email me if you’d like to bounce off a strategic initiative.

2. Ask three people unfamiliar with the request to read it and the budget(s) for contextual errors, typos, missing words, numbers that do not balance, etc. Requests will be shared with CIC volunteers as submitted; errors will not be corrected.

3. Submit the application at least one day prior to the deadline because you can! Even earlier is better.


Susan Tanur
Director of Community Impact


Community Impact Application Process

Welcome to our new Resource Request application process for JewishColumbus. All applicants must complete the Universal Application, as well as additional materials below, as applicable.

Organization Information and Financial Documents (Required by all applicants) 

Archived Grants Process pages from 2019 and prior.

If you are having problems finding your saved applications, please use this new link to access your My Account https://www.GrantRequest.com/SID_5878?SA=AM