How JewishColumbus Supports our Community

JewishColumbus supports programs and services that have a real impact on Jewish life each and every day, in the Columbus area, in Israel and Overseas. The combined generosity of thousands of donors to the Annual Campaign makes it possible for our community to support dozens of local, national and international programs providing a lifeline that enhances and often saves Jewish lives.

JewishColumbus, through our system of community partner agencies, is able to bring together every age and segment of our community to strengthen Jewish life. Our investments provide meals and programs for seniors; quality Jewish education, scholarships and summer camps for children; Israel experiences for teens and young adults; counseling activities for families; and a variety of programming and initiatives that elevate our Jewish community.

Community Investments

JCC $448,153
Day Schools $389,200
JFS $312,860
WHV $278,775
JEORG $159,000
Hillel $112,955
Camp Grants $50,000
OJC $34,055
OVHC $8,000
Indigent Burial $5,000
Kollel $3,556
CJHS $3,270


2018 Israel & Overseas Investments

Direct Funding: Local Benefit
  Shaliach $145,000
  Young Shaliach $30,000
  Birthright Israel $48,000
  OSU Hillel – Israel Fellow $15,000
  Federation Support of P2G $9,600
P2G $89,200
Core Funding (JAFI/JDC/ORT) $221,120
Direct Funding: Overseas Benefit
  JDC Emergency Overseas Response
  Natal $4,000
  Hearts After School – Kfar Saba $22,480
  Learning and Enrichment Centers



Susan Tanur

Director of Community Impact