Jewish Community Relations Council

We build community relationships.

We are diverse ambassadors for JewishColumbus. Through collaboration, advocacy and education, we build and deepen community relationships throughout Columbus and beyond.

• Advocate for issues of vital importance to the organized Jewish Community
• Represent the diversity of opinions in our Jewish community
• Promote the JCRC’s work throughout Columbus & beyond


• Ensure a safe and secure Jewish community here and abroad
• Combat anti-Semitism, discrimination, and hate

• Oppose efforts to delegitimize Israel and promote Israel’s security


• Support our partner Jewish agencies who serve all those in need
• Preserve the memory of the Holocaust to ensure it never happens again
• Build relationships outside the Jewish community


The mission of the JCRC is to educate and advocate for issues of vital importance to the organized Jewish community based on consensus, civility and an expanded commitment to living Jewish values of social justice.

Our focal points include: Security • Combating anti-Semitism • Israel • Holocaust education Shorter-term working committees are created for special projects, events and activities.

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Justin Shaw

Director of Jewish Community Relations