Leadership Development

We train young leaders.

Leadership JewishColumbus is a 1-year program designed to equip participants to be the Jewish community’s next generation of leadership.  Over the course of the program, participants will:

  • Deepen their knowledge of Jewish history, values, and ethics
  • See firsthand the important work of JewishColumbus’ partner agencies
  • Attain important board skills and have the opportunity to apply these skills to address areas of concern in our community
  • Work with a mentor in the community to ignite participants’ commitment to philanthropy and communal leadership.

Leadership JewishColumbus is an annual program with classes of up to 20 people.  Attendance and participation at all sessions is critical to personal development, as well as the cohesion of the entire cohort.  Supplemental skill sessions will be available for current and past cohorts to continue their leadership development.

Past Sessions:

  • Jewish Ethics and Values: Tzedakah and Chesed
  • Tikkun Olam in Jewish Tradition
  • The Language of Leaders

Jess Reback

Director of Leadership Jewish Columbus