Heart to Heart Women’s Mission to Israel 2018

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Feb 4, 2018 – Feb 8, 2018


The Federation values the role of women in Jewish culture and aims to introduce local women to their counterparts in Israel.

Our four-day Heart to Heart Mission focuses on showing a group of up to 10 Jewish women from central Ohio the sights and sounds of Israel while creating a space to exchange ideas with women working in business, government, the arts and fashion. The mission includes two nights each in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with opportunities for hands-on activities led by Israeli women.

Contact Lisa Wein at lwein@tcjf.org for more information.

Heart to Heart Pay it Forward Program

After returning home, the Federation asks that the Heart to Heart attendees participate in the Pay it Forward Program to pledge $1,000 toward Mission funding for each of the next three campaign years (2019, 2020, and 2021) to ensure the program is available for other women.