L’Dor V’Dor Society Member Recognition 

Rabbi Howard Apothaker and Marcie Golden

Marcia Baker

Mr. Benjamin B Balshone PACE Fund

Rick and Terri Barnett

Rabbi Harold and Beth Berman

Maxx Blank

Ron and Beverly Blank

Joseph Blum

Ilya and Jane Bodner

Jim and Tracey Bowman

William and Jennifer Byers

Jerry Cabakoff

Sidney and Adreinne Chafetz Pace Fund

Gary and Margey Cheses

Mark and Mindy Coffey

Sharon Kahn Cohodes

Leonard and Marcia Comeras

Robert and Rabbi Stephanie Covitz

Lance Croffoot-Suede

Mike and Laura Dattner

Jon and Susie Diamond

Sylvia Ebner

Cindy Ebner

Adam and Jill Eisenberg

Geri Ellman

Avrom and Marcia Epstein

Ron and Joyce Erkis

Babette Feibel

Jonathan and Lori Ann Feibel

Troy and Pearl Feibel Pace Fund

Ted and Lori Fireman

Tod and Cheri Friedman

Donald and Eydie Garlikov

Mrs. Thelma Gerson PACE Fund

Sally and William Glick Pace Fund

Herb and DeeDee Glimcher

Michael and Denise Glimcher

The Clara, Joseph & Dana Goldslager PACE Fund

Rabbi Avi and Miriam Goldstein

Avi and Miriam Goldstein

Herb and Francine Greff

Andrew and Shylee Grossman

Andrew and Shylee Grossman

Scott and Pam Gurwin

Michael and Joyce Hallet

Ms. Sonia Hallet PACE Fund

Robert and Harriette Hansell

Mr. Al and Mrs. Sue Harmon PACE Fund

Gordon and Donna Hecker

Seth and Leslie Hoffman

Geraldine Schottenstein – Hoffman

Barry and Shelly Igdaloff

Mrs. Dorothy Blank Kahn PACE Fund

Raymond and Pauline Kahn Pace

Mrs. Charlotte & Mr. Ben Kahn PACE Fund

Ira and Debby Kane

David and Erica Kaplan

Brad and Holly Kastan

Marvin and Sue Katz

Donald Katz

Ms. Myrtle Katz PACE Fund

Ronald and Renee Kauffman

Fredric and Christie Keidan

Robert and Clemy Keidan

Mitchell and Jacqueline Kon

Dr. Harold and Mrs. Harriet Korn z’l PACE Fund

Michael Kravits and Susan Schubert

Bruce and Sherri Lazear

Alan Levine

George z’l and Renee Levine

Elaine Lewin

Adam and Stephanie Lewin

Richard Lieberman Pace Fund

Mr. Martin and Mrs. Miriam Linsey z’l PACE Fund

Ruth Longert and Alan Longert z’l

Harlan and Kelley Louis

Mr. Sam Lubin Family

Fran Luckoff

Carol Luper

Tom and Nancy Lurie

Andrew and Carrie Madison

Rose and Ben Mandelkorn Pace Fund

Joel and Erin Marcovitch

Jerry and Selma Markowitz Pace Fund

Dr. Bernard Master PACE Fund

Samuel M. Melton Foundation

Jeff and Alison Merzel

Bruce and Nancy Meyer

David and Bonnie Milenthal

Naomi Myers

Stephen and Lynda Nacht/Paul and Lauren Rackoff/Kirk and Vicki Hilbrands

Ms. Helen Nutiz z’l PACE Fund

Elsie Oppenheimer Krause

Ellen Pollack

Jeffrey and Ginna Rinkov

Nathan and Valerie Robbins

Jo Robbins

Ronald and Barbara Robins

Linda Robins

Richard and Sandra Rose

Lisa Ebner Rosen

Mrs. Mildred Rosenberger PACE Fund

Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Dorothy Rosenfeld z’l PACE Fund

Mark and Martha Rosenson

Mrs. Beatrice Roth z’l PACE Fund

Louis and Annette Ruben z’l PACE Fund

Kenneth and Ruth Rubin

Jared and Lauren Rubin

Mr. Lawrence D. Schaffer z’l PACE Fund

Jeff and Jody Scheiman

Scott Schiff

Mr. Herbert & Mrs. Betty Schiff z’l PACE Fund

Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein

Gary and Terri Schottenstein

Steven and Rhonda Schottenstein

Lenny Schottenstein

Robert Schottenstein and Jeri Block

Sue Segal

Andrew and Elizabeth Shafran

Robert and Sheila Shapiro

Cantor Baruch and Minna Shifman

Sharon Simon and Karl Rubin

Fannie and Morris Skilken z’l Family Foundation

Hillel and Sharon Skolnik

Randy and Anna Sokol

Bruce and Joy Soll

Sanford and Nanette Solomon

Matthew and Julie Stanley

Mr. Ernest z’l and Mrs. Aurelia z’l Stern PACE Fund

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Betty Talis z’l PACE Fund

Jeff and Bethanne Tilson

Julie Tilson Stanley and Matt Stanley

Denny and Fahn Tishkoff

Brian and Audrey Tuckerman

Debi Vinocur

Joan Wallick

Mr. Jack Wallick z’l PACE Fund

Alan Wasserstrom

Bruce Wasserstrom

Reid and Fran Wasserstrom

Rodney Wasserstrom

Eric and Jennifer Wasserstrom

Steve and Mary Weiler

Skip and Linda Weiler

Alan Weiler

Bob Weiler

Philip and Julie Weinerman

Les and Abigail Wexner

Herb Weyl

Judy and Merom Brachman,Lavea Brachman and Andrew Smith,Miriam and Bernard Yenkin,Leslie Yenkin and Jonathan Petuchowski

Benjy and Mary Beth Zacks

Ms. Helen Zelkowitz z’l PACE Fund

Ben and Julie Zox