Nathan Render

Nathan Render

Nathan Render has spent the vast majority of his life in big cities — from his native town of Chicago to his collegetown of Boston, and then from New York City to Washington D.C. for work. It was only about two years ago that Render and his husband, Tal, moved to Columbus. They traded their small city condo for a town that better suited the needs of their growing family.

“The way I describe Columbus is that it’s just the perfect size where you can really wrap your arms around it. You can kind of give it a hug, and understand it in a way that you can’t in other places,” Render says. “I see the Jewish community as one of several communities that I’m engaged in here. I find it to be really powerful for my identity; and I want this Jewish community to be a part of my kids’ identity as well.”

While his husband’s roots trace back to Columbus, Render is comparatively new to the area. Not long after he arrived, he found that JewishColumbus was a place where he could find a sense of community in a new environment. Today, he sits on the engagement committee and is a member of the JewishColumbus leadership cohort. He’s already taking steps to create a lasting, positive effect on this city.“

If you think about affecting change in a community, when you’re in a big city like New York it feels like you can only affect change in this teeny little corner. But it’s hard to have a huge impact,” Render says. “I feel like you can affect change more broadly here in Columbus than you could in other places.”

Currently, Render is working to develop a subcommittee within the engagement committee that focuses on diversity and inclusion efforts for JewishColumbus.

“We’re a two dad family, and there has been a lot of interest in welcoming us with open arms,” Render says. “I’ve been really appreciative of the willingness to think about how we make sure that families are represented in different ways in our PJ Library books, and in our groups, and in our communal settings and in our religious settings.”Render says that, in times of crisis like this pandemic, it can feel like there are competing calls on individuals to give of their time and resources. Even in light of this, Render still feels that JewishColumbus is one of the best places to allocate giving.“

JewishColumbus was the first organization that I saw respond to Covid-19 in a really effective and attractive way. They were very clear about what the goal was, where the money was going and what it was for,”Render says. “The power in a gift to JewishColumbus is much bigger than any amount you can give. It’s part of your commitment to the community in Columbus, the Jewish community in Columbus, and to what’s next, which is very unknown.”

Join community leaders like Render by donating to our annual campaign. Your contribution — no matter the scale — represents your pride in Columbus’ Jewish community. When you give to JewishColumbus, every dollar makes a difference.