$1 million in funding
for security initiatives each year
$382k raised
to support Ukrainian Jews
120+ Columbus kids
sent to overnight Jewish summer camp

Lisa F.

Fund Accounting Associate


Lisa has worked in most aspects of accounting, including payables, receivables, collections, auto parts billing and convention space billing, grant setup accounting, investments and Donor Advised Funds and Grants. She was in the aerospace industry for two years and worked at Rockwell International the year the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986. Lisa also worked in the auto industry for 11 years and the investment industry for nearly 15 years, where she got her Series 6 license. Lisa has a degree in accounting from Franklin University and was Quickbooks Certified in 2015.

When she is not working, Lisa is involved in an organization called International Friendships.  She has been volunteering since 2006. Sometimes Lisa is the first person the student meets when they get off the plane. She helps them get to their dorm or apartment.