PJ Our Way

People often ask what comes after PJ Library? In 2016, the Federation launched the answer to that question with PJ Our Way. PJ Our Way serves kids ages 9-11.

The kids choose their own books through a totally tailored experience based on their own interests and reading level. At the beginning of each month, kids are enticed with emails to visit the PJ Our Way website to choose a book from a selection of four high-quality titles that have been reviewed by a panel of PJ educators, parents, and kids. 12 free books a year. To make the selection easier, the website provides summaries, author bios, and reviews from kids like them. They can also review the books they read by uploading a video review, ranking it by number of stars or writing a blog post. The PJ Our Way site is a safe and moderated space, perfect for acclimating older kids to using the web independently.

Alyssa Russell

Young Family Engagement Manager