Shelly Igdaloff

Shelly Igdaloff

Around the time that Shelly Igdaloff had her fifth child, she made the conscious choice to take on a more robust role in her jewish community. While she had been involved in the years prior, it was at this moment that she decided that supporting this community would be her vocation.  “All of the synagogues, day schools and agencies benefit from the umbrella of JewishColumbus

“I hit the road and decided that volunteering was my new job,” Igdaloff says. “Not only was it a great reprieve from the stresses of home, but I also felt that my husband and my kids appreciated the work that I was doing; and my community really appreciated the work, as well.”

This intentional paradigm shift led Igdaloff to a number of roles with lots of organizations. She worked with the National Council of Jewish Women and Hadassah. She volunteered at the Jewish Community Center and Jewish Family Services. And, of course, she continues to dedicate her time and talent to JewishColumbus.

“I’m currently sitting on the Life and Legacy Committee,” Igdaloff says. “But I’ve worked on several other committees. One is called Keeping Columbus Jewish, which concentrated on our youth in Columbus and Jewish experiences for teens. I think my focus has always been on the younger community.

“I also spearheaded B’nai Tzedek program, which is where 13-year-olds who are becoming a bar or bat mitzvah make a donation with their gifts, and then it is matched twice. It becomes a fund at the Jewish foundation and they can designate where those funds go. That’s one of my proudest accomplishments.”

Igdaloff’s latest mission is Women’s Philanthropy. It is in this circle of like-minded women that Igdaloff feels she currently can make a steadfast, positive impact on the Columbus Jewish community.

“It’s very fulfilling for me to be a part of Women’s Philanthropy,” Igdaloff says. “I sometimes feel that women don’t understand the importance of their philanthropic impact. We’re working very hard to make sure that women understand that their money is important and their opinions are important. We really rally women together to make our mission stronger with numbers in the hopes that we reach even more women in our community.”

Join philanthropic leaders like Igdaloff by donating to our annual campaign. Your contribution — no matter the scale — represents your pride in Columbus’ Jewish community. When you give to JewishColumbus, every dollar makes a difference.