Sherry Werman

Sherry Werman

Around the time that Sherry Werman had her first child in 2014, she decided to make volunteering a part of her routine. In the moment, she recalls that it felt like a box she wanted to check. It was the right thing to do, and she wanted to set an example for her family. But, not long after those first few experiences with places like the Jewish Community Center and JewishColumbus, Werman found that her involvement with these organizations meant so much more than an item on a list.

“I didn’t expect to become so passionate about JewishColumbus,” Werman says. “But, the more and more I work with JewishColumbus, the more I want to get involved, and the more I believe in their cause, and the more I would like others to be a part and recognize the impact that JewishColumbus has in our community.”

Today, Werman wears lots of hats in the JewishColumbus community. She’s part of Women’s Philanthropy, she’s co-chair of the engagement committee and she’s a member of the Leadership JewishColumbus Cohort 1. She juggles all of these responsibilities on top of her job as a reading specialist for the Upper Arlington school district — not to mention, while also raising three young kids with her husband, Steven.

Despite her myriad of responsibilities, Werman says she feels called to continue her work with JewishColumbus — both for the ways in which she can give back to the community, as well as for the ways that she feels the community has returned that generous spirit.

“As part of the Leadership JewishColumbus Cohort 1, Bobby Schottenstein spoke with us and he said something that really resonated with me. Basically, if Jewish people aren’t going to support and give and participate in Jewish organizations, no one else is going to step up to the plate to do it for us,” Werman says. “That’s my real purpose. I’m here because the sustainability of this Jewish Community depends on each and every one of us. I feel like now I have a greater commitment and greater charge for why I want to be part of JewishColumbus.

Werman says that, of all the places where she could dedicate her time and talent, she continues to choose JewishColumbus because it’s a modest organization that accomplishes consequential things.

“I think there are so many people in need, and, even if you can’t see and it’s not obvious who is in need, your neighbor could be in need. Somebody’s grandparent could be in need. This organization does not overlook or turn anyone away,” Werman says. “In order to continue to do that, and in order to serve our community and protect our community and protect our children, I encourage everyone who can give of their time or money to do so. No amount is too little.”

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