Yom Hashoah

commemoration ceremonies in the community

7:00 pm

Multiple Locations around central Ohio
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Zikaron Basalon – Memories in the Living Room, offers a new, meaningful and intimate way to commemorate the Holocaust and address its implications through discussions at home among family, friends and guests. It is a unique and authentic tradition of people gathering together to open their hearts to the stories of the survivors, sing, think read, talk and most importantly – listen.

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7:00 pm

Wexner Heritage Village
1151 College Ave.
Columbus, OH 43209

Wexner Heritage Village
1151 College Ave.
Columbus, OH 43209

Jeannie Smith, Daughter of author: “In My Hands”

When a seventeen year old Catholic, Polish student nurse was stripped of all she loved during by the Nazi invasion – her family, her home and her innocence – and forced to work for the German army – she fought back.

Using her Aryan looks as both a shield and a sword, she secured a safe job in the officers’ dining room and used it to funnel information, food and blankets to the Jews in the ghetto. Determined to deliver her friends from evil, Irene Gut successfully smuggled many Jews into the forest and hid 12 Jews in an officer’s basement until the Germans’ defeat.

“No matter how many Holocaust stories one has read, this one is a must, for its impact is so powerful.” – School Library Journal

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or 614.559.3205.

12:00 noon

Columbus City Hall Chambers

90 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 Map

The 34rd Annual City of Columbus
Yom Hashoah Observance and Holocaust Remembrance

Speaker will be Dr. Al Miller, a survivor who lives in Cincinnati. Miller was born in Berlin, Germany in 1922. His family owned a successful clothing company. He remembers many of his childhood friends joining the Hitler Youth and wearing their uniforms with pride and cutting him out of their lives for being Jewish. As conditions became worse for the Jews of Germany, his family sent him to Switzerland, while his brother was sent to England. His parents remained in Germany, enduring Kristallnacht and hiding in a friend’s home. The family was eventually to reunite in England before immigrating to America in 1939.

For more information contact Justin by email at

or 614.559.3205.


The Ohio Holocaust and Liberators Memorial

On the lawn of the Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio

The 39th Annual Ohio Governor’s Holocaust Commemoration

For more information contact Howie Beigelman of Ohio Jewish Communities by email at HowieB@ohiojc.org or 614.463.1835.