Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness

An Evening with Filmmaker diane estelle Vicari

Thursday October 25, 2018
Drexel Theater
2254 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209

In the fall of 1939, Hitler’s murderous wave was sweeping through Eastern Europe. In the face of the Nazi onslaught, Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara set about saving thousands of lives. But his struggle was not fought on the battlefields or in war rooms. He used his power as a diplomat to rescue fleeing Jewish refugees.

Please join us for a screening of the film Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness with award-winning director/producer diane estelle Vicari. Sugihara is about Japanese Diplomat Chiune Sempo Sugihara and tells the story of how “one man can make a difference”. The film was honored with the prestigious International Documentary Association Pare Lorentz Award.

Following the film, Vicari will give a sneak peak for her newest documentary Imagining A Better World: The Nelly Toll Story. Toll was 10 years old when she and her mother went into hiding from Nazis occupying Lwów, Poland, in 1943. For nearly two years, they hid in a small, bare room. Intolerable boredom and ever-present fear were the catalysts to Toll’s silent play and art.

Armed with only a set of watercolors and small pieces of paper, she painted life as it would be in a normal childhood, filled with beauty, colors, life, space, family and mostly freedom. But in Toll’s case, these were merely fantasies.

The presentation is in coordination with the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio which will be featuring the riveting artwork of Nelly Toll at the Reese-Peters House Exhibit space in Lancaster, Ohio (145 E. Main Street).

For more information, contact Justin Shaw at or 614.559.3205.

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