Why do you say yes?

Over the next eight weeks, JewishColumbus will share the stories of community members like you who answered our annual campaign call with a resounding, “Yes.” Our lay leaders and advocates are the lifeblood of everything we accomplish at JewishColumbus. We hope their words inspire and motivate you, just as they have us.

Are you ready to just say “yes?” Click here to contribute to our annual campaign. Every contribution, no matter the scale, represents your commitment to stand with the Jewish community.

“We reach people in all different periods of their lives.”

-Audrey Tuckerman

“We really rally women together to make our mission stronger.”

-Shelly Igdaloff

“My mom was actually a Holocaust survivor, so that’s always something that resonated with me.”

-Seth Hoffman

“We’re a two dad family, and there has been a lot of interest in welcoming us with open arms,”

-Nathan Render

“JewishColumbus fights to tell the stories of oppressed peoples so that their histories are not forgotten. “

-Debbi Sugarman

“JewishColumbus is the only organization that represents the community in totality.”

-Rabbi Avi Goldstein

“I’m here because the sustainability of this Jewish Community depends on each and every one of us”

-Sherry Werman

“We want JewishColumbus to be accessible to anybody and everybody.”

-Aaron Shocket

“We want the success of the Jewish community in central Ohio.”

-Bill Byers

“The best thing that we can do is leave the world for our children better off than we receive.”

-Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein