“We are uniquely positioned to help.” — Audrey Tuckerman

Growing up in Montreal, Audrey Tuckerman was surrounded by a vibrant Jewish community. Tuckermans’ mother — one of her greatest role models — always made an effort to bring her children out to charitable events, while also bringing the community into their home.

“As a young child, I remember my mom hosting women’s division meetings for Federation. She had this gold pin known as the Lion of Judah, and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to give at that level,” Tuckerman says. “Lion of Judah is a national recognition for women who give $5,000 or more to the annual campaign.”

When Tuckerman moved to Columbus 27 years ago with her husband, she didn’t possess many ties to the community. Adrift in a sea of new faces, Tuckerman leaned on the lessons passed down from her mother, and she seized every opportunity to become involved — from young professional programming to volunteer opportunities.

“I feel like I grew up with JewishColumbus, or the legacy organization, which was known as Federation,” Tuckerman says. “I started getting involved in my early 20’s, and developed a ton of friendships. I really got my sea legs and learned how to be a leader at JewishColumbus.”

Of all of the organizations where Tuckerman could dedicate her time, she continues to choose JewishColumbus because of the breadth and depth of the impact JewishColumbus has on their partner organizations and the community as a whole.

“We reach people in all different periods of their lives,” Tuckerman says. “We help fund preschool education and scholarships for camp. So, if you are a parent of a young family, you may have heard of the PJ Library. It’s a great program where we send books to families with Jewish content so parents have books that they can use to talk about being Jewish with their kid. For a family who has college-aged kids, we help fund Hillel, which is a student-run organization at Ohio State and other universities. They do great work at the university. We help with leadership development for young adults. Then we help seniors. There are so many different pieces of the puzzle, which makes it difficult to have an elevator speech and talk about all of the good work that we’ve done.”

JewishColumbus represents a roof under which the entire Jewish community can gather. It also functions as a conduit for conversations between different Jewish organizations so that together, they can align to best address the needs of the community.

Join community leaders like Tuckerman by donating to our annual campaign. Your contribution — no matter the scale — represents your pride in Columbus’ Jewish community. When you give to JewishColumbus, every dollar makes a difference.