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JewishColumbus Leadership Update

JewishColumbus Leadership Update It is with gratitude for his years of service that we announce the departure of Joel Marcovitch, President and CEO of JewishColumbus. We are so appreciative of the successes that Joel has achieved in this role since he assumed this position. Under his leadership, JewishColumbus raised $1.66M of funding that was distributed throughout the community to help various agencies, synagogues, and organizations overcome some of the challenges faced during the covid pandemic. After the tragedy at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, and subsequent events in Poway, CA and Jersey City, NJ, a community-wide security effort was...

Days of Chai

1. Introducing the Days of Chai! Over the next 18 days leading up to Hannukah, we will share stories from our community of donors, inspiring impact statistics and resources on how to give. As always, we are deeply grateful to our generous community – YOU make our vital work possible. Together, we are building a safe and vibrant community for Jews in Columbus and across the globe. 2. Meet Morgan, a valued member of our Chai Society. Through her gift of $180, Morgan is part of a community of young Jewish philanthropists who receive access to exclusive events, perks and...

Meet Our Security Director

Bringing more than two decades of FBI experience to JewishColumbus security initiatives  How do we combat antisemitism? The answer to this question involves a complex tapestry of initiatives that blanket our community — from education and advocacy to security. Recently, JewishColumbus took a vital step forward to elevate our security efforts by welcoming Steve Flowers to the team.  A retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent with more than 23 years of experience, 17 of which were spent on a Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), Flowers is a natural fit for the role of security director. In his previous role...

Introducing Board Chair Liz Shafran

Bringing holistic perspective to inclusive community building  As our newest JewishColumbus Board Chair, Liz Shafran brings with her decades of experience in Jewish community building. Under her leadership, Liz aspires to create a culture of inclusivity in Columbus.  Prior to her role as Board Chair, Liz boasts a rich diversity of experience within the Columbus and global Jewish communities. Throughout college, she actively participated in The Ohio State University Hillel and after graduating, sat on the board of a Cincinnati synagogue where she was also the lay leader of a young adult congregation.  Shortly thereafter, Liz and her family moved...
More Than Summer Camp

More Than Summer Camp

Programming for Jewish youth helps our kids navigate cascading collective trauma  We have known for years that Jewish summer camps have a profound, positive impact on young people. Adults who attended overnight Jewish camp are:  37% more likely to light candles regularly for Shabbat 45% more likely to attend synagogue at least once per month  55% more likely to feel emotionally attached to Israel But these camps take on an even greater sense of importance as our community navigates the challenges of the past few years. From a global pandemic and prolonged isolation, to antisemitic rhetoric and violence in Ukraine,...

Reflections on Our Work at the Ukrainian Border

By Joel Marcovitch and Max Brickman In moments of senseless violence and injustice, the juxtaposition between the worst and the best of humanity comes to light. This was certainly the case as we walked the streets at the border between Ukraine and Poland. From the Ukrainian side, refugees poured in carrying only a few of their personal belongings, yet burdened with the heavy weight of all they had endured sheltering in bunkers, traversing for miles and sleeplessly awaiting a reprieve from the uncertainty of their days ahead.  But like a flame burning on a dark night, the feeling on the...

A Statement From Our CEO on the CTA Antisemitic Threat

Dear Community, JewishColumbus was informed of a credible antisemitic threat from a private security guard employed at Columbus Torah Academy. Law enforcement identified the source and took necessary steps to nullify the threat. We commend and thank the quick-thinking law enforcement officials at local, state and national agencies. Their training, planning and professionalism prevented what could have been a tragedy. Making sure Jews can live safely as Jews is our top priority at JewishColumbus and we will remain in close contact with our law enforcement partners as this investigation continues. We strongly believe that those implicated in this threat will be held accountable...

Collaborating for a Safer Jewish Community

Our mission at JewishColumbus is to maintain a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Columbus and beyond. With our funding, programming and agency partnerships, we provide a space where every member of our community can feel a sense of safety and belonging. One of the fundamental ways through which we achieve this is our unwavering focus on ensuring the physical security of our members.  Coming together to protect our community is as important as ever following the heart-wrenching hostage situation in the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. While thankfully no members were harmed, it serves as a reminder...

Israel Under Attack Updates

Israeli firefighters check out a burnt bus in the Israeli town of Holon near Tel Aviv, on May 11, 2021, after rockets are launched towards Israel from the Gaza Strip controlled by the Palestinian Hamas movement. (Photo by Ahmad GHARABLI / AFP) JewishColumbus is committed to keeping you up to date on the latest developments in Israel. Please check back here for the latest updates. You can also check out Jewish Federations of North America’s resource page for further information. Speaking out against anti-Semitism Columbus Jewish leaders spoke out addressing the cease-fire in Israel and rise in anti-Semitism locally and abroad. In...