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Why work in Columbus?

Columbus, Ohio, the capital city of Ohio and the 14th largest city in the United States, boasts a thriving Jewish community. It is renowned for its rapid employment market growth in the wider Midwest region, offering affordable housing and essential infrastructure for Jewish individuals and families. Columbus stands out as a top-tier city for various aspects, including growth, technology opportunities, startup activity, retail and designer trends, zoo and arts, corporate investments, young professionals, housing, banking and insurance services, lifestyles, and values. Moreover, the city allows for convenient travel times, with a maximum 30-minute drive to reach any destination.

Columbus owes its dynamic job market to the presence of prominent corporations such as Nationwide Insurance, Ohio State University, Cardinal Health, Chase Bank, Wendy’s, Abbott, Battelle Laboratories, as well as well-known retail giants including A&F, Lane Bryant, and DSW. Notably, the medical centers in Columbus, including Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University Hospitals, are expanding their operations.

Affordable housing is a notable feature of Columbus. It’s actually 10% lower than the national average. One additional factor that enhances the affordability of living in Columbus is the availability of state tuition vouchers, which significantly reduce the cost of day school education. Within the city, there are three vibrant Orthodox synagogues, a community Kollel, a Modern Orthodox K-12 Day School, a mikvah, an eruv, a JCC, and preschools. The Jewish community in Columbus is enriched by the presence of notable Jewish families and thinkers.

What is Jewish life like in Columbus?

Ranked as the 14th largest city in the United States, Columbus has achieved the remarkable distinction of being ranked 5th worldwide in terms of quality of life, safety, healthcare, cost of living, pollution, and climate. Within this growing city, there exists a dynamic and expanding Jewish community, which offers a robust infrastructure to support the needs of Jewish families.

From synagogues, to day schools, to family services, to community centers and much more, Columbus has a thriving Jewish community.