$1 million in funding
for security initiatives each year
$382k raised
to support Ukrainian Jews
120+ Columbus kids
sent to overnight Jewish summer camp

Lion of Judah

An international group of philanthropic Jewish women.

Lion of Judah (LOJ) is an international group of philanthropic Jewish women who care deeply about the Jewish future and give a generous gift of, at minimum, $5,000. A diverse and dynamic group of women – 18,000 Lions of Judah worldwide – who care deeply about the Jewish future. Lions of Judah are leaders who inspire others to give back, strengthen the Jewish people, and make the world a better place for all.



The Lion of Judah (LOJ) Step-Up Program is a three- year journey, as you make your way to becoming a Lion of Judah. In year one you will begin with a gift of $1,800 and increase at your own pace, ending in year three with your generous gift of $5,000. A part of the Step-Up Program, you will be invited to all LOJ events and will be recognized as a Lion at all events. By participating in the Step-Up Program, you are making a difference in our community today and tomorrow.



The Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) program is designed for Lions of Judah to endow their Annual Campaign gift. With a minimum commitment of $125,000 through a fund, bequest in your will, life insurance policy, or cash, a LOJE guarantees at least $5,000 will be gifted to JewishColumbus’ Annual Campaign in perpetuity. Becoming a LOJE is a powerful way to set up a legacy of philanthropic leadership, prolonging a rich tradition of tzedakah.

To learn more about how you can become a LOJE and endow your Lion of Judah gift, contact Lori Wishne, Senior Foundation Director, lori@jewishcolumbus.org