$1 million in funding
for security initiatives each year
$382k raised
to support Ukrainian Jews
120+ Columbus kids
sent to overnight Jewish summer camp


Founded in 1951, Wexner Heritage Village is one of the oldest senior care providers in Central Ohio. At its founding, the institution was known as the Jewish Home for the Aged. Though they now serve both the Jewish and broader communities, Wexner Heritage Village remains firmly rooted in the faith and traditions of Judaism. “WHV...
At the foundation, Columbus Torah Academy provides top-notch secular education alongside a strong Jewish education within a modern Orthodox Zionist framework. They serve Jewish students from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade, and their mission is to develop their students into educated, active, aware members of contemporary American and Jewish societies. “We have unconditional love for every...
Founded in 1998, Columbus Jewish Day School is a pluralistic Jewish institution rooted in the philosophy of contemporary Jewish thought leader Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. Their work goes far beyond telling students to memorize and regurgitate information. Rather, their students are taught to embody what they learn and grapple with complex overarching questions that speak...
Photo by Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch Michal’s story Born in Ethiopia, Michal Avera Samuel was only eight years old when her family set out on a dangerous journey from Gondar, Ethiopia to Israel. Prior to their proverbial Exodus, Michal’s eldest brother had been kidnapped by Mengistu’s army. This tragedy propelled Michal’s family, her parents and eight...
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