$1 million in funding
for security initiatives each year
$382k raised
to support Ukrainian Jews
120+ Columbus kids
sent to overnight Jewish summer camp

Holocaust Education

We will never forget.

The Holocaust Education Committee (HEC) offers a variety of resources to assist in educating about the Holocaust. We can provide lesson plans, maps from the Holocaust and accounts from survivors.

The Speakers Bureau consists of volunteers who are willing to tell their personal stories about the horrors of the Holocaust and the results of intolerance. Most of our speakers are Holocaust survivors and children of survivors.

Our Junior High School and High School Holocaust Trunks are also available for classroom use. Curricula and resource materials are provided, along with suggestions for student activities, videotapes for use in the classroom, and visual aids with explanatory notes. Age appropriate reading materials, simulated uniforms from a concentration camp, pictures that show family and school life before the Holocaust, and maps and time lines help educate students about the Holocaust. The items in the trunk are designed to offer your students an empathizing experience.

Holocaust Education Video Project is a collection of videotaped oral histories of Holocaust survivors providing first-hand testimonials designed to support learning in and out of the classroom.

A four-year calendar has been prepared and designed to assist school superintendents, boards, administrators, and teachers in planning and scheduling examinations, assemblies, field trips, sporting events, graduations, and other school-related events, activities, and programs. Businesses, organizations, government agencies, and the media may also find this calendar helpful in their planning. You can find the calendar by clicking here.

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