$1 million in funding
for security initiatives each year
$382k raised
to support Ukrainian Jews
120+ Columbus kids
sent to overnight Jewish summer camp


Introducing the Days of Chai! Over the next 18 days leading up to Hannukah, we will share stories from our community of donors, inspiring impact statistics and resources on how to give.

As always, we are deeply grateful to our generous community – YOU make our vital work possible. Together, we are building a safe and vibrant community for Jews in Columbus and across the globe.


Meet Morgan, a valued member of our Chai Society. Through her gift of $180, Morgan is part of a community of young Jewish philanthropists who receive access to exclusive events, perks and discounts.

“Chai Society is an approachable giving level that aligns with my ability to give back to an organization that has been a home for me since I moved to Columbus seven years ago,” Morgan says. “Make Chai Society or $180 your goal for the year. Sign up for a monthly payment plan so the overall give doesn’t affect your spending habits.”

Thank you so much for being a proud member of our Chai Society, Morgan! Learn more about our Chai Society and give today.


Whether you give $18 or $1,800, every contribution to JewishColumbus truly makes an impact. Through your donations, we:

  • Keep our community safe
  • Fund Jewish experiences and institutions
  • Support Jews in Israel, Ukraine and throughout the world
  • Cultivate the next generation of Jewish community leaders
  • Fight antisemitism through education and advocacy
  • Help Jews in need

Join our growing community of donors today through a gift to our annual campaign.


Most people think of checks and credit cards when it comes to donations, but did you know that JewishColumbus accepts stocks? When considering a donation, talk to our experts to help understand how you can make the most impact for your financial goals.

To get started, contact Pamela Potts Green at pam@jewishcolumbus.org with the stock name and number of shares before Dec. 15.


Meet Alyssa, a valued member of YJC 365. Through her gift of $365, Alyssa makes a big impact on our community with the small mitzvah of Tzedakah every day.

“I feel very strongly about the importance of supporting Jewish Columbus because it makes a crucial daily impact in peoples’ lives, including mine and my family’s. I view being a member of YJC 365 as a way to challenge myself to step up and be a part of creating a more fulfilling Jewish Columbus for all,” Alyssa says. “Your gift and participation is not only strengthening the community, but helping to make a lasting impact which is far more reaching than monetarily.”

Thank you so much for being a proud member of YJC 365, Alyssa! Join YJC 365 and give today.


You stepped up to support Ukrainian Jews after the Russian invasion. Through the generous support of our community, JewishColumbus sent vital aid and resources to Jews overseas.

You can learn more about this work here.

To be the light in a time of darkness for Jews next door and across the globe, give to our annual campaign.


Meet David, a valued member of our Ben Gurion Society. Through his gift of $1,000, David is an active community leader with access to exclusive events, networking opportunities and recognition as a Major Donor.

“I think JewishColumbus is the glue connecting community members and Jewish organizations in town,” David says. “Through my involvement as an investment committee member for the Columbus Jewish Foundation, trusted charitable advisor for JewishColumbus, and past board member/social chair for Young Jewish Columbus, I got to see first hand the impact that this organization was making in the community. It has been a great way for me to personally find connections, create lasting friendships, and make a difference.” 

To those considering the Ben Gurion Society, David offers the following wisdom: “Get involved and get to know some of the people who run the organization and volunteer their time. Come to a Young Jewish Columbus (or JewishColumbus) event and you’ll make some great connections. What you do with them is up to you. If you’re already involved and thinking about increasing your donation, ask to get connected with one of JewishColumbus’ trusted charitable advisors to help you determine the most impactful, tax-efficient way to give.”

Thank you so much for being a proud member of the Ben Gurion Society, David! Join community leaders like David and give today.


We are the largest funder of Jewish programs in Columbus, serving and enriching our community from birth to senior living. Our local partners include: 

  • Columbus Community Kollel
  • Columbus Jewish Day School
  • Columbus Jewish Historical Society
  • Columbus Torah Academy
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Ohio Jewish Communities
  • OSU Hillel
  • Wexner Heritage Village
  • Nine synagogues across greater Columbus

When you give to JewishColumbus, your support empowers all of these organizations to thrive. Join our growing community of donors today with a gift to our annual campaign.


When it comes to philanthropy that aligns with your moral, community and financial goals, JewishColumbus is here to help. Our trusted advisors can help you find the right, tax-efficient giving vehicle with options like mutual funds, IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and gift annuities. 

Connect with us today to unpack how you can make the greatest impact where it matters most.


Meet Max, a valued member of our National Young Leadership Cabinet. Through his generosity and commitment to the organization, Max is able to connect with leaders across the country and receive an invitation to apply for prestigious leadership opportunities, including events and trips worldwide.

“The National Young Leadership Cabinet is a good fit for me because of the very active approach. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I believe not only in the value of learning the skills to be successful but also in the value of putting those skills into action. You learn by doing,” Max says. “The National Young Leadership Cabinet is an excellent opportunity to better yourself as a leader through continued learning, reflection and action. It will not only serve you well in your pursuit of lifelong learning but also position you for leadership across major Jewish organizations.” 

Thank you so much for being a proud member of our National Young Leadership Cabinet, Max! Join community leaders like Max and give today.


How do we combat antisemitism? The answer to this question involves a complex tapestry of initiatives that blanket our community — from education and advocacy to security. We live in an age characterized by an unsettling rise in antisemitism, which is why JewishColumbus takes a proactive approach to security for all of our local institutions. 

Learn more about how your donations keep our community safe from Steve Flowers, JewishColumbus Security Director and retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent with robust experience on a Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).


Meet Caroline, a valued member of our Pomegranate Society. Through her gift of $1,800, Caroline joined a national donor recognition society for women, granting her access to high-quality programming.

“As I gradually increased my understanding of and involvement with JewishColumbus, becoming a Pomegranate Society member was a natural progression,” Caroline says. “I advise everyone to become more involved and to think both long- and short-term with regards to your planned giving. We took a planned approach to joining the Pomegranate Society, and when you break down planned giving along a specific timeline it makes it easier to meet your goal.” 

Thank you so much for being a proud member of our Pomegranate Society, Caroline! Join community leaders like Caroline and give today.


A Donor Advised Fund is an efficient and flexible charitable tool that allows you to support the charities of your choice at any time while enjoying immediate tax benefits. All that is required to set one up is an establishing gift of $2,000. Gifts can be made from your fund to qualified tax-exempt and religious organizations, locally and elsewhere.

Whatever your philanthropic passions, JewishColumbus can help you design your own charitable giving plan. Set up a charitable fund with us and get the expert advice that enables you to support what you want, when you want, where you want.


Meet Sue, a prestigious Lion of Judah. To become a Lion of Judah requires a gift of $5,000, but Sue has gone above and beyond to become a Ruby Lion of Judah ($10,000) and a double Lion of Judah endowment participant (in Chicago and Columbus).

“I give because my family was touched by the holocaust. My grandmother is the only survivor of a family of seven children. She only had one child, my mother. My mom only had two children, myself and my sister. We had two children each so, of that large family, only four descendants of the third generation are living,” Sue says. “I recently read a statistic that the number of Jews in the world has not even rebounded to the pre-holocaust 1933 population. We are a tiny minority due to tragedy. I feel it is incumbent on me to ensure that Judaism survives into the future. I stand on the shoulders of all the strong Jewish women who came before me. For anyone who cares about the continuity of our culture, religion or heritage, becoming a Lion of Judah is a wonderful way to contribute to that end and it feels really empowering and meaningful.”

Thank you so much for being a proud Ruby Lion of Judah, Sue! Join community leaders like Sue by contributing to our annual campaign today.


Meet the Keidan family, valued members of our L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Society. The JewishColumbus L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Society celebrates those who plan to establish or have already established everlasting and unrestricted gifts for JewishColumbus.

“We met each other as participants in Columbus’ young Jewish leadership program 42 years ago and now have been married 40 years. We feel blessed to live and raise our children in this amazing Jewish community,” the Keidan family says. “It is very important to us that our Congregation and other Columbus Jewish community agencies are there for future generations, just as they have been there for us. We have been given so much and now it is our pleasure and obligation to pay it forward to ensure these organizations thrive and are here for the next generation.”

Thank you so much to the whole Keidan family for being proud members of our L’Dor V’Dor Legacy Society. Join community leaders like the Keidan family by contributing to our annual campaign today.


Meet the Meldrum family, valued JewishColumbus Major Donors. The JewishColumbus Major Donor Society is home to those who impact our community with a gift of $10,000+ and they enjoy special events, briefings and travel experiences.

“We give to JewishColumbus because we believe in supporting and promoting a strong Jewish community. By giving, we support the strength, security, education and connections of the Jewish community, we honor the Jewish heritage that was passed down from my family and we work to ensure a safe and vibrant community for our children.” Terri Meldrum says. “For those considering a gift, I would suggest calling on your ‘why.’  For each of us as Jewish Americans, the ‘why’ may be different (to honor my grandparents or parents, to fulfill a mitzvah, to attain a connection with our community, to support Israel and our Jews around the world). But whatever your reason, JewishColumbus provides the vehicle to connect your dollars with the work, support and agencies that need it the most.”

Thank you so much to the whole Meldrum family for being proud Major Donors. Join community leaders like the Meldrum family by contributing to our annual campaign today.

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